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Subject Basic Blobstore functions - read containers and blobs
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2010 21:30:11 GMT

This patch series implements basic bloblstore functionality - at present you can list all
your containers and inspect individual blobs for Amazon S3 and EC2. This is mainly to generate
discussion (e.g. attributes of a blob? - are we happy with the terms 'containers' and 'blobs'
etc) before moving to full blobstore implementation. For containers we do a fudge on content
negotiation: 'GET /api/containers/myContainer/myFile.txt' gives html by default, but you can
request 'GET /api/containers/myContainer/myFile.txt?format=xml' (json not done yet) - eventually
this will be using Accept header. 

There is a problem with the s3 gem from AWS which means you can't use it with European buckets
but will suffice for now. 

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