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Subject Load balancers (rev2)
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2010 15:26:15 GMT

This patch add Load Balancing support for GoGrid and also
fixes some minor issues with load balancing under EC2.

There are still some issues with GoGrid driver. I get almost all
functionality to be same in both drivers.

For GoGrid there is some difficulties with additing Instances to LB.
In GoGrid  you don't assign an Instance to Load Balancer but instead
you use IP address of Instance you want to assign.
So to match functionality with EC2 I need to lookup for instances
which have IP address I want to assign.

At this point everything is working. Trouble starts when I want
to assign more instances to one load balancer.
When you use their 'realips.N.ip' variable in 'grid/loadbalancer/edit',
you need to increate number (N) in that list to assign more instances.
Unfortunatelly when you do this, you need to wait at least 2-3 minutes
for next API request. So I asked GoGrid support and response was:

"For each request through API needs at least 2-3 minute intervals"

So long story short: Load balancing for GoGrid is working, but it's limited
by this 'sad' thing.

 -- Michal

PS: In both GoGrid and Amazon, Load balancers are free to use, so anyone ca try
this patch, without starting 'real' instances. (except you want to test instance assign :)

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