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Subject Initial Load Balancers support
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2010 14:17:05 GMT
Hi all,

I added initial support for managing load balancers in cloud providers.
As far I know, this collection is supported in EC2 and GoGrid.
My first shoot was on EC2, I created some basic concept, which could
be used for GoGrid as well.

So what basically are load balancers ? Long story short:
They are just simple routing services, which can be used for
routing traffic and balancing it for multiple instances.

Now, how can you test this patch with your EC2 account:

1.) Create new load balancer using /api/load_balancers/new
2.) Create new instance using /api/images -> Lauch instance
3.) Choose created load balancer from select box
4.) Hit create.
5.) Enter /api/load_balancers/<name>.xml and you should see your
    instance here. You can create multiple instances using same

As I mention above, after reading GoGrid docs, they are using something
very similar, so this concept will for for them too.

 -- Michal

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