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From Linqing Lu <>
Subject report about an issue of RHEVM driver
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2010 11:41:22 GMT
Hi mfojtik,

Here is a brief report about the problem we had discussed. Hope it can help.

The issue of deltacloud driver for RHEVM:
Running "ruby server.rb -p 3001" in command line, I can visit http://host:3001/api , and I
can see "realms" info from rhevm. But for "images" and "instances", it returns "internal server
Correct info can be seen in console window, but the browser cannot get it.

After modified the file "core/server/views/instances/index.html.haml" as following:
-   = link_to instance.owner_id, images_url( instance.owner_id )
+   = link_to instance.owner_id, images_url
It works for the "instances" part then.
The same modification for "core/server/views/images/index.html.haml" also works.

Thanks a lot for your effort!

Linqing Lu

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