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From David Lutterkort <>
Subject Moving Core to the incubator
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2010 23:18:58 GMT
Hi all,

as you may have heard, Deltacloud Core is moving to the Apache

There's two key things in that move that I want to get done in the next
few days:

1. Move mailing lists

Move all mailing list traffic for Deltacloud Core to the Apache list[2]
- from now on, all discoussions, patches, gripes, offers of large
amounts of money etc. concerning the Detlacloud API should go to (nothing will change for the
aggregator/portal) Please subscribe to that list.

2. Import code into subversion

Import the code into subversion[3]; a git mirror of the subversion repo
will be available in short order. I've tested the conversion and am
hopeful that I can get it committed 'for reals' today or tomorrow.

The conversion does a few nasty things (filter-branch to get rid of
vendored rails, rebase of the master branch on top of Apache's
subversion), so that the subversion repo will be a new repo, with no
direct connection to the existing git repo, even though the commits will
be (mostly) the same. I will put a tag on the master branch in the
existing repo to mark where exactly I did the import from.

That means that if you are using the current git repo, you will have to
clone the Apache repo as if it were brand new; it's probably easiest to
use git-format-patch and git-am to carry over any private branches you
may have.

I'll post again once I have the code in the Apache repo.



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