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From "Hugh O. Brock" <>
Subject Re: Importing the deltacloud code into svn
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2010 15:17:09 GMT
On Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 12:17:57PM +0200, David Lutterkort wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am looking for some guidance/experience on how to best do the import
> of the existing Deltacloud code[1] into the incubator svn repository.
> A would very much like to preserve the history of the existing repo,
> though I am not sure if that is possible with git-svn or similar,
> especially since we unfortunately have some merge commits on the master
> branch (which I could probably get rid of with a bit of massaging)
> Besides the possibly mythical ideal solution of importing the current
> git master branch into svn, I see two other options:
> 1. Kill history
> ===============
> Throw away the history and just commit the current HEAD from the git
> repo. I _really_ want to avoid that; there's important info about the
> genesis of the code base and subtle bug fixes in the history that really
> needs to be preserved.
> I've heard rumors that Apache infrastructure will offer git hosting
> soonish - if that is the case we'd have discarded important information
> for now really good reason.
> 2. Keep it in git
> =================
> Keep the code in some git repo for the time being and wait/hope for
> apache infrastructure to offer git as a SCM. We'd need to advertise that
> deviation from Apache customs prominently on the project page.
> OTOH, it would be the least labor-intensive approach, and would people
> allow to work with git without the git-svn crutch. 
> The biggest downside is that we'd have to manually manage the
> committers, all of which would need to get another account at whatever
> git hoster we decide to use. Currently, the code is on,
> which requires that committers have an account in the Fedora Account
> System. But I would be just as happy using a different service like
> github or gitorious; in both it is possible to set up multiple
> committers for one repo.
> what does everybody think ?

>From my standpoint, if there is any way at all we can avoid getting
involved with Subversion, I would take that way.

Having said that I'm pretty sure Jim Meyering (cc'd) has done
successful git2svn gateways in the past, he may have some advice.


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