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From David Lutterkort <>
Subject Importing the deltacloud code into svn
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2010 10:17:57 GMT
Hi all,

I am looking for some guidance/experience on how to best do the import
of the existing Deltacloud code[1] into the incubator svn repository.

A would very much like to preserve the history of the existing repo,
though I am not sure if that is possible with git-svn or similar,
especially since we unfortunately have some merge commits on the master
branch (which I could probably get rid of with a bit of massaging)

Besides the possibly mythical ideal solution of importing the current
git master branch into svn, I see two other options:

1. Kill history

Throw away the history and just commit the current HEAD from the git
repo. I _really_ want to avoid that; there's important info about the
genesis of the code base and subtle bug fixes in the history that really
needs to be preserved.

I've heard rumors that Apache infrastructure will offer git hosting
soonish - if that is the case we'd have discarded important information
for now really good reason.

2. Keep it in git

Keep the code in some git repo for the time being and wait/hope for
apache infrastructure to offer git as a SCM. We'd need to advertise that
deviation from Apache customs prominently on the project page.

OTOH, it would be the least labor-intensive approach, and would people
allow to work with git without the git-svn crutch. 

The biggest downside is that we'd have to manually manage the
committers, all of which would need to get another account at whatever
git hoster we decide to use. Currently, the code is on,
which requires that committers have an account in the Fedora Account
System. But I would be just as happy using a different service like
github or gitorious; in both it is possible to set up multiple
committers for one repo.

what does everybody think ?



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