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Subject [incubator] branch master updated: Podling Status Improvements
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2019 18:02:28 GMT
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     new fab40fd  Podling Status Improvements
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commit fab40fd9f781217489b720fb0ea784418989f613
Author: Dave Fisher <>
AuthorDate: Mon Apr 8 11:02:24 2019 -0700

    Podling Status Improvements
    A discussion of the current state of Podling status, the areas where improvements are
needed and a plan for an improved UX.
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diff --git a/ b/
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@@ -0,0 +1,443 @@
+= TL/DR
+1. More Whimsy UX to manage the Podling Lifecycle
+2. Consolidate podling status data
+3. [`podlings.xml`][0] is still master
+4. Add status checklists and Incubation watchlist to the new Cookbook
+5. Whimsy podling status page will include clutch analysis
+6. We need to decide how to do reporting since MOIN wikis are going away.
+   No recommendation is provided.
+= Podling Status Process
+Here is an analysis of the many ways podling status is tracked by the Incubator.
+Currently there are five components to podling status.
+1. Podlings XML is directory listing ever podling and its status: current, graduated or retired.
+2. Podling Status Page is an XML/HTML file that has information about the podling's resource
+   requirements and various checklists for the incubation process.
+3. Podling YML file which was started a few years ago as a data based approach to key resource
+   and incubation process completions.
+4. The monthly / reporting process. This process a manual process involving the
+   MOIN Wiki and a python program for creating the report template. This will need to be
changed soon
+   because the MOIN Wiki is being retired.
+5. Clutch analysis. This process takes the information from the Podlings XML and Status Pages
+   then looks for and confirms the Website, Issue Tracker, Wiki, Code Repositories, and Release
+   Distributions. 
+What follows is a description of each of these processes. This will be followed by some
+ideas about how we should proceed.
+== Podlings xml
+The podling catalog is in this file: [`podling.xml`][0]
+Values are stored for all Incubator podlings in a single xml file each in a `podling` node.
+Not all of the data pertain to current podlings.
+- Podling name. This is set when the podling is created. It can be changed later but that
+  can be expensive if the resources also need to be renamed.
+- Status - This is one of these three values: "current", "graduated" or "retired". Podlings
+  in the Incubator are current. When the podling exits it either "graduates" or "retires"
+- Resource - This is the name used for resources. It is initialized to lower case of Podling
name w/o spaces.
+  Once the podling's resources are created it is very expensive to change these.
+- ResourceAliases - If the podling's resource and name is changed the older resource names
are stored in 
+  this field. Some older podlings had multiple names or short names for resources.
+- Sponsor - Most often this is the "incubator", but it may also be any Apache PMC if there
are directly
+  sponsoring a project in the incubator.
+- Start date - This is the date that the podling starts incubation. It can be the date the
podling entry is created
+  or the date that the incubation vote passed.
+- End date - This is the date the podling leaves the incubator. It is either the date that

+  the Board votes to accept the graduation proposal, the date another PMC chooses to accept
the podling
+  as part of their PMC, or the date the podling retires.
+- Description - a short description of the podling.
+- Champion - the champion for the project.
+- Mentors - a list of the podling's mentors with their Apache IDs. This is now maintained
+  Whimsy. [Whimsy roster page][1]
+- Reporting group - which months is a current podling reporting to the IPMC. A new podling
will be monthly.
+- Resolution - when the podlings leaves the Incubator it either graduates or retires. These
+  describe what happened, 
+  - tlp attribute - If "true" the podling became a TLP 
+  - link attribute - If a name change was involved to the new TLP, the podling graduates
into an existing PMC,
+    or retires with a new location then this is the text on a link.
+  - url attribute - If there is a link then this is the url.
+  - description - an optional description about retirement or graduation
+A current podling:
+    <podling name="Crail" status="current" resource="crail" sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2017-11-01">
+        <description>Crail is a storage platform for sharing performance critical data
in distributed data processing jobs at very high speed.</description>
+        <reporting group="3"/>
+        <champion availid="lresende">Luciano Resende</champion>
+        <mentors>
+            <mentor username="jhyde">Julian Hyde</mentor>
+            <mentor username="lresende">Luciano Resende</mentor>
+        </mentors>
+    </podling>
+A brand new podling:
+    <podling name="DataSketches" status="current" resource="datasketches" sponsor="Incubator"
+        <description>DataSketches is an open source, high-performance library of stochastic
streaming algorithms commonly called "sketches" in the data sciences. Sketches are small,
stateful programs that process massive data as a stream and can provide approximate answers,
with mathematical guarantees, to computationally difficult queries orders-of-magnitude faster
than traditional, exact methods.</description>
+        <reporting group="2" monthly="true">May, June, July</reporting>
+        <champion availid="jbonofre">Jean-Baptiste Onofré</champion>
+        <mentors>
+            <mentor username="chenliang613">Liang Chen</mentor>
+            <mentor username="kenn">Kenneth Knowles</mentor>
+            <mentor username="kamaci">Furkan Kamaci</mentor>
+        </mentors>
+    </podling>
+A podling graduated to a TLP:
+    <podling name="CXF" status="graduated" resource="cxf" sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2006-08-15"
+        <description>The CXF project will create a SOA services framework by merges
the ObjectWeb Celtix project and the Codehaus XFire project.</description>
+        <resolution tlp="true"/>
+        <mentors>
+            <mentor username="jim">Jim Jagielski</mentor>
+            <mentor username="jstrachan">James Strachan</mentor>
+        </mentors>
+    </podling>
+A podling sponsored by a PMC that graduated into the PMC:
+    <podling name="Derby" status="graduated" resource="derby" sponsor="DB" startdate="2004-08-15"
+        <description>Java relational database</description>
+        <resolution link="DB Derby" url=""/>
+        <mentors>
+            <mentor username="coar">Ken Coar</mentor>
+        </mentors>
+    </podling>
+A podling that graduated with a name change:
+    <podling name="" status="graduated" resource="openofficeorg" resourceAliases="ooo"
sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2011-06-13" enddate="2012-10-17">
+        <description> is comprised of six personal productivity applications:
a word processor (and its web-authoring component), spreadsheet, presentation graphics, drawing,
equation editor, and database.</description>
+        <resolution link="OpenOffice" url=""/>
+        <mentors>
+            <mentor username="jim">Jim Jagielski</mentor>
+            <mentor username="rubys">Sam Ruby</mentor>
+            <mentor username="danese">Danese Cooper</mentor>
+            <mentor username="curcuru">Shane Curcuru</mentor>
+            <mentor username="noirin">Noirin Plunkett</mentor>
+            <mentor username="joes">Joe Schaefer</mentor>
+            <mentor username="grobmeier">Christian Grobmeier</mentor>
+            <mentor username="rgardler">Ross Gardler</mentor>
+        </mentors>
+    </podling>
+A podling that retired:
+    <podling name="Provisionr" status="retired" resource="provisionr" sponsor="Incubator"
startdate="2013-03-07" enddate="2013-11-22">
+        <description>Provisionr provides a service to manage pools of virtual machines
on multiple clouds.</description>
+        <resolution>Failed to grow a community. Retired at request of PPMC.</resolution>
+        <champion availid="tomwhite">Tom White</champion>
+        <mentors>
+            <mentor username="rvs">Roman Shaposhnik</mentor>
+            <mentor username="tomwhite">Tom White</mentor>
+            <mentor username="mnour">Mohammad Nour El-Din</mentor>
+        </mentors>
+    </podling>
+A podling that retired and moved development elsewhere:
+    <podling name="Heraldry" status="retired" resource="heraldry" sponsor="Incubator"
startdate="2005-07-14" enddate="2007-06-09">
+        <description>Identity for the rest of us.</description>
+        <resolution link="" url="">Project retired. Some
activity moved to</resolution>
+        <mentors>
+            <mentor username="ben">Ben Laurie</mentor>
+            <mentor username="pquerna">Paul Querna</mentor>
+            <mentor username="twl">Ted Leung</mentor>
+            <mentor username="farra">J. Aaron Farr</mentor>
+            <mentor username="wrowe">William Rowe</mentor>
+        </mentors>
+    </podling>
+=== Current format for Podling Status Files
+More information is found on the project status page in xml wrapped html.
+For the most part this is descriptive text which has data embedded tagged with id attributes.
+There are also very descriptive check lists.
+Here is [the template for new podling status pages][2]. You can see that it is a tedious
+process to copy this to add a new file for each podling.
+This data is available and in some cases is extracted from these files by processes
+including the Clutch Analysis.
+- Description - an HTML div which minimally repeats the podling description, but may include
+  additional information about the podling's original location and resources.
+- News - an HTML div with a list of dated events in the history of the podling.
+- Project Info - an HTML table with a description and links to podling resources requested
+  from infrastructure.
+  - www - Website url of the podling. It should be the website within Apache, but sometimes
+    is the legacy.
+  - wiki - A url to the wiki. Sometimes this is blank if a Github wiki is being used.
+    Not all podlings use wikis.
+  - mail-dev - The mailing list in various forms.
+  - mail-commits - The commits mailing list in various forms.
+  - mail-private - The private mailing list in various forms.
+  - tracker - a url to the issue tracker. Sometimes this is blank if Github issues are used.
+  - mentors - a set of rows which duplicate podlings.xml and are only hand maintained.
+    Lately this is often shortened to point to the [Whimsy roster page][1]
+  - committers - a set of rows which are hand maintained.
+    Lately this is often shortened to point to the [Whimsy roster page][1]
+- Status reports. A list of board reports often pointing to the while incubator report.
+  This is also now easily available from the [Whimsy roster page][1]
+- Work Items
+  - Project setup. (very outdated instructions)
+  - Infrastructure. (outdated instructions)
+  - Mentor setup. (outdated instructions)
+  - Copyright.
+  - Distribution Rights.
+  - Initial Committers. (outdated instructions)
+- Incubation Items - what to watch for during incubation.
+  - Collaborative Development
+  - Licensing Awareness
+  - Project Specific
+- Exit
+  - Graduating into a TLP?
+  - Graduating into an existing PMC?
+The status pages are sporadically maintained by a majority of podlings after bootstrap.
+=== The Podling YML file
+In the [`podling yml file`][9] the following parameters have values:
+- asfCopyright - the date that the ASF copyright has been added to the donated code.
+- distributionRights - the date that the code has been properly reviewed for appropriate

+  licensing.
+- graduationDate - the date of graduation.
+- ipClearance - the date that the code has been properly reviewed for appropriate 
+  licensing.
+- issueTracker - is github or jira used for issue tracking?
+- jira - if jira is used provide the URL. The url can be assumed if the jira project key
+  is the `podling.resource` upper cased.
+- news - a new place to put podling news records.
+  - date
+  - note
+- proposal - the url to the podling proposal.
+- sga - the date the software grant was received by the Secretary.
+- sourceControl - only used once for 'github'. Every project is using github.
+- website - the project website url. This is always the preferred pattern.
+- wiki - the Space key for a Confluence wiki.
+You can see that there is quite a bit of overlap with information from the podling status
+This is intentional since the yml files are a replacement data store.
+The key values are `asfCopyright` and `distributionRights`
+=== Podling Report Template
+The initial report template is created by [``][10].
+Look for the `perproject` variable. The values `$name` and `$description` are taken indirectly
from `podlings.xml`
+via the `clutch2.pkl` created by ``. There is much more information available that
can be injected into
+the template.
+The podling maturity section has checkboxes which parallel some of the work items and checklists
on the podling status page.
+  [ ] Initial setup
+  [ ] Working towards first release
+  [ ] Community building
+  [ ] Nearing graduation
+  [ ] Other:
+=== Clutch Analysis
+Clutch analysis is performed using the [``][11] shell script. The key programs
in the process
+are the [``][12] python script which performs analysis pulling information from
the following
+1. [`podlings.xml`][0]
+2. [Podling status pages][18]
+2. [Apache mailbox archive][14]
+3. [Gitbox Catalog][15]
+4. [Whimsy Project LDAP][16]
+5. [Whimsy Podling Website Scan][17]
+The results of the clutch analysis are published daily and appear on the [Clutch Report][19].
+The shell script also runs [``][13] which produces [clutch analysis pages][20].
+The data is also written as a [`clutch2.json` file][21].
+This program was recently modernized and returned to relevancy.
+== An Improvement Plan
+We have robust status information available for all the podlings, but have various gaps and
+1. The monthly report process must be adjusted. Two possibilities are available.
+   - Switch to use a process similar to what the Board uses for TLPs.
+   - Switch to Confluence process that looks like what we are doing now.
+2. The Podling YML file does a good job of handling the data that is on the Podling Status
+   What is lacking is a clean UX to edit the data at the appropriate time.
+3. Editing the Podling.xml file by hand can become an issue when the DTD is not properly
+   Whimsy's podling roster page solves this for Mentors by handling that on its own.
+4. The Podling Status page mixes data with valuable recipes that lead to success.
+   They are in an svn repository in a combination of xml and html. 
+5. Many of the resource choices that podlings have made are now narrowed and normalized.
+   Naming patterns are used. Mailing lists, SVN, Git, Jira, Confluence, and
+   Releases can all be found by inspection once they are created.
+6. Many of the less usual processes like podling name changes are not well documented.
+   Support for these can be improved.
+=== Podling data not in `podlings.xml`
+We have to decide how best to handle the data that is in the Podlings Status page and the
+Podlings YML file. We should narrow this down to what is critical to keep and then decide
+where it should go.
+These items seem to be the most critical:
+1. SGA - the date that the SGA is received.
+2. ASF Copyright - the data that the donated code has had the copyright updated to Apache
+   along with the License headers updated as appropriate.
+3. Distribution Rights - the date that the code and its dependencies have been confirmed
+   to follow the [Legal Policy][23] on allowed 3rd party licenses.    
+4. Issue Tracker - are issues tacked in JIRA or Github?
+5. Wiki - does the project have a wiki, and is it a Confluence Space or a Github wiki?
+6. News - while it should be able to track new committers and PPMC members automatically

+   from the Roster page it makes sense to allow the podling to track other events.
+   Releases can be detected as well and automatically added.
+7. Proposal - this url is not always the same as the podling name.
+8. Name change information - there is [INCUBATOR-199][24] which requests adding more explicit
+   information about name changes to podlings along with improvements to resolutions.
+There are design choice here. Do we fold all of these additional pieces of information into
+`podlings.xml`, or do we normalize the Podling YML file to only include these fields.
+A third option is to replace the Podling YML with a data file in another format.
+=== Podling UX
+Eliminating the need to hand edit files without removing the ability is a goal. Let's discuss
+the actions that need to be recorded. Work was started in this direction in Whimsy and
+this can be continued.
+1. New Podling - begins incubation. This adds the `podling` record to `podlings.xml`
+2. Podling Roster / Status - this page exists and currently handles roster changes. It could
+   expanded to cover updates:
+   - News
+   - IP related events
+   - Reporting information
+   Also, the page can show the clutch analysis for the podling.
+3. Rename Podling - this expensive operation needs to be discouraged, but when it is needed
+   appropriate guidance should be provided.
+4. Exit Incubation - a page that covers the several transitions a podling may make as it
+   exits the Incubator by graduating or retiring.
+=== Incubator Site
+The Incubator site can be simplified as follows:
+1. Remove the podling status pages under `/projects/`
+2. Improve the [`/projects/`][6] page to be the place to find deeper status with links to
+   Whimsy pages for the podling. Each podling has an anchor in the tables.
+3. Change the site's `.htaccess` file to redirect project links to the anchor.
+4. Remove the clutch analysis pages since the information will be on the Whimsy page.
+=== Incubator SVN
+The Podling Status pages in [xml][3] will no longer be updated nor will they be shown.
+They can remain in svn for archival purposes.
+== Cookbook Checklists
+The checklists should be moved into the [Cookbook][22]
+=== Bootstrap 
+These tasks are done to setup infrastructure for the podling and prepare the team to develop
+in The Apache Way.
+- DNS
+- Mailing lists created
+- Mailing list signups
+- Roster complete
+  - ICLA for initial committers w/o apache accounts
+  - Accounts requested for new apache committers
+  - All initial committers added to the PPMC
+- Code repository ready
+- Website
+- Wiki
+- Issue Tracker
+=== IP / Copyright / Distribution Rights Checklist 
+- SGA / Code transfer documents. 
+- Apache copyright added to donated code.
+- Apache license added to code as appropriate.
+- Licenses of dependencies are reviewed.
+- Podling Suitable Name Search
+  - PodlingNameSearch created 
+  - Research Completed by podling
+  - Brand Approval
+=== Incubation Watch List
+- Collaborative Development
+  - Are long term volunteers including non-coders being identified and
+	elected to be committers?
+  - Are the committers independent and from at least three entities?
+  - Are decisions being made in public on the dev@ mailing list?
+- Licensing Awareness
+  - As code is developed are new dependency's licenses properly handled?
+  - Are all licensing issues being acknowledged?
+  - Are any trademark issues being acknowledged?
+  - Are credit issues being acknowledged?
+- Releases
+  - Are mentors providing enough Guidance and Votes on dev@?
+  - Are source releases fully license and notice compliant?
+  - Are any binary convenience releases fully license and notice compliant?
+  - Are all releases distributed through required channels?
+=== Graduation Checklist
+- Has the podling discussed graduation on dev@?
+- Do the Mentors agree that the podling is ready?
+- If graduating into an existing TLP that PMC.
+  - Has Graduation been discussed and the VOTE passed dev@podling?
+  - Has Graduation been discussed and the VOTE passed dev@pmc?
+- If graduating to a new TLP the IPMC on general@
+  - Has the PMC been properly identified?
+  - Has a PMC Chair been selected?
+  - Has the Graduation Resolution passed the podling on dev@?
+  - Has Graduation been discussed and the VOTE passed general@incubator?
+  - If to a new TLP is the resolution on the Board's agenda?
+  - Did the resolution pass? (exit)
+[0]: "All podlings"
+[1]: "All current podling roster pages"
"Podling status page template"
+[3]: "Rya roster pages"
+[4]: "Rya podling status page"
+[5]: "Rya
yml file used on roster page"
+[6]: "Current podlings table link to podling
+[7]: "Graduated podlings table link to podling
status and post graduate location"
+[8]: "Retired podlings table link to podling
status and post retirement location, if any"
"Podling status YML file example"
+[10]: "
creates the monthly report"
+[11]: "
creates the clutch report, json and pages"
+[12]: "
performs clutch analysis"
+[13]: "
creates the podling clutch analysis page"
+[14]: "Apache mailbox archives"
+[15]: "Catalog of all Apache Git repositories
on GitBox"
+[16]: "Project LDAP included PMC
Members and Committers"
+[17]: "Results of a scan of podling websites
for Apache Branding requirements"
"Podling status page example"
+[19]: "Clutch Analysis"
+[20]: "Example podling clutch analysis"
+[21]: "Clutch Analysis - JSON data"
+[22]: "Incubator Cookbook"
+[23]: "What can be included in an Apache project?"
+[24]: "Request to
extend podlings.xml"

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