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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "December2018" by DaveGrove
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2018 14:44:00 GMT
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The "December2018" page has been changed by DaveGrove:

  IPMC/Shepherd notes:
- OpenWhisk
+ OpenWhisk  
+ OpenWhisk is an open source, distributed Serverless computing platform able to execute application
logic (Actions) in response to events (Triggers) from external sources (Feeds) or HTTP requests
governed by conditional logic (Rules). It provides a programming environment supported by
a REST API-based Command Line Interface (CLI) along with tooling to support packaging and
catalog services.  Additionally, it now provides options to host the platform components as
Docker containers on various Container Frameworks such as Mesos, Kubernetes, and Compose.
- distributed Serverless computing platform
  OpenWhisk has been incubating since 2016-11-23.
- Three most important issues to address in the move towards graduation:
+    Three most important issues to address in the move towards graduation:    
+     Improve release automation to decrease manual steps in creating release artifacts.
-   1.
-   2.
-   3.
+         Release process/automation/documentation are here
+         We have made the initial releases of 12 core software components.  In the process
we have developed some release automation, but there is a need to further automate the process
and formalize the mechanisms for make a coordinated release of all components.
+     Increase additional company and individual Contributors to maintain all project repos.
and address Issue / PR backlog.
+     Close legal transferred of Trademark handoff for "OpenWhisk" name and logo to ASF
- Any issues that the Incubator PMC (IPMC) or ASF Board wish/need to be
+ Any issues that the Incubator PMC (IPMC) or ASF Board wish/need to be aware of?    
- aware of?
+     Issue backlog building on incubator-openwhisk is still a major issue (partly due to
#2 above). As of this report, the "open" issue backlog on the "main" platform repo is 397
(up from 384 as of last report). The open PR count on the main repo has held steady at around
30 (down from 50+ 6 months ago), but still 1/3 of the ready-to-merge PRs are more than 1 month
old.  The PR and Issue backlog on other project repositories is generally much lower and of
less concern than the Issue backlog on the main repo.
+         Need to prioritize and work to reduce while advancing major proposals around restructuring
around abstractions to accommodate running on Knative while enhancing support for better logging/scheduling
and performance testing enhancements.
+         Trying to add more active Committers to augment those who have dropped off in their
activity; however, we have reached an impasse where potential new Contributor pull requests
are not getting timely reviews/merges.  We have potential new Contribs. to front-end Runtimes
we will look to nominate ASAP, but we still lack back-end Contribs.
+     It seems that Apache Infra. will not provide us servers to host a staging environment
that would help us perform needed staging testing on Pull Requests.  This means that independent
testing needs to be done by members (companies). We have explored a corporate donation as
suggested (ala Spark and SystemML), but this does not seem possible at this time.
+         If indeed we now have the infra VMs (donation?), then we need Community to “step
up” to help us setup and automate.
+     Formal hand-off of OpenWhisk trademark/logo from IBM needs to be executed; need to identify
process for this. See #3 above.
+         Discussion started w/ Apache legal via "legal-discuss" mailing list with subject
"Trademark handoff for "OpenWhisk" name and logo".
+         IBM intends to hand-off ownership of trademarks at time of graduation.
+     Announcements from Google (Knative) in late July and AWS (Firecracker) just last week
apply pressure on our community in order to both explain to developers/operators how OW is
differentiated from, as well as compatible with, both popular providers’ frameworks.
- How has the community developed since the last report?
+ How has the community developed since the last report?    
- How has the project developed since the last report?
+     dev mailing list activity – was relatively light with the main discussion topics/activity
being (reflected in comments below as well):
+         Golang runtime and new ActionLoop (runtime)
+             Interpretation of "main" for GoLang and ActionLoop docker images
+             Promises (or equivalent) in Python and GoLang
+             Submitted PR for hopefully now stable GoLang OpenWhisk runtime
+             Re: Completing the integration of the Go lang runtime
+             Contributing an actionloop based runtime for Python - and creating an actionloop
+             The ActionLoop based runtime for Python3.6 for OpenWhisk is 5 times faster than
the curre...
+         Donation of Composer to OW
+             Donation of ibm-functions/composer to Apache OpenWhisk
+             towards the first apache release of openwhisk-composer
+             Re: Donation of ibm-functions/composer to Apache OpenWhisk
+         Performance and Logging
+             Active acks from invoker to controller
+             Proposal to Remove Artifact Store Polling for Blocking Invocations
+             Relieve CouchDB on high load
+         Release
+             OpenWhisk officially first-time released all the 12 modules under Apache as
incubator pro...
+             Re: [DISCUSSION]: Proposing to use 1.12.0 as the version for all runtimes for
the first-t...
+             Instruction documented to release openwhisk projects under apache
+             Re: Change the package name into org.apache.openwhisk for openwhisk modules
+         Other:
+             Autonomous Container Scheduler v2 proposal
+     incubator-openwhisk Github stars: 3657 (+185 since last report)
- How would you assess the podling's maturity?
- Please feel free to add your own commentary.
+     incubator-openwhisk GitHub forks: 692 (+40 since last report). Note lots of more competing
projects entering the Serverless space.
+     Slack community:
+         1,072 members (+103 from last report).  Very active in most channels from both end
users or the project and contributors
+         To-date: 126,282 messages sent across all channels (+13956 since last report)
+         Analytics:
+     The  bi-weekly Zoom "Technical Interchange" continues to be well received and attended.
+         Complete videos posted to OW YouTube channel and detailed notes to our CWIKI.
+         YouTube Channel: Apache Meetings Playlist
+         CWiki Meeting Notes: OpenWhisk Technical Interchange Meeting Notes
+     New Contributors
+         ICLAs received:
+             Manjiri Tapaswi <>
+             Andreas Tsagkaropoulos <>
+             Neeraj Laad <>
+         Joined Community Interchange calls and introduced themselves:
+             Shawn Black: Architect at a reinsurance company in St. Louis.
+             Stanciu - at Adobe, joined runtime team a few weeks ago
+             Victor: Grad. student at USC. Working on a thesis on real-time computing in
the Cloud.  Goal is looking into how to apply real-time components into OpenWhisk.
+             Markus: now with Red Hat
+             Prabhash Rathnayake, intern at WSO2, proposed JIRA package to catalog
+ How has the project developed since the last report?
+ Emphasis on these areas have been featured since last report:
+     Google Knative
+         Knative and the general popularity of Kubernetes is driving the community to design
and document how OW can be compatible with Knative concepts of “Serving”, “Build”
and “Eventing”.  Primarily we are increasing our friendliness to the Kube community to
hopefully attract more developers to help us by improving Kube deployment docs and configs.
for both developers and operators to more easily “get started”.
+         Proposals on Wiki have stalled since Sept. need to revitalize the conversation.
+     Release process
+         Initial releases of all “core” repos (both back-end platform and front-end tooling)
are complete.  We are adding the release of the new IBM donation of Composer at the time of
authoring this report (currently undergoing IPMC VOTE).
+         Rename of all "packages" (lib.) names to "", see: Re: Change the package
name into org.apache.openwhisk for openwhisk modules
+         We look forward to creating a unified release to assure we have a major/minor version
that is tested to be compat. with one another (as now all are disparate releases).
+         Need more mentor help at getting release votes through IPMC.
+     Website revamp
+         Completed.  Now linking in critical developer and operator docs. to be friendlier
and provide “how tos” / tutorials to teach OW key features such including Web Actions,
Provider samples,  Added “getting started” sections for Ruby and Swift, as well as for
new Docker Desktop (with Kubernetes).
+     Runtime updates:
+         ActionLoop (part of Go Runtime as of today), supports a general, very fast mechanism
for creating new Runtimes (or migrating existing). See
+         New runtime for the .NET language needs to be taken “over the finish line"
+             See initial discussion: dotnet 2.1 Runtime for OpenWhisk
+     Composer
+         Passed IP Clearance, IPMC vote completed
+         original IBM donated code was here:
+     Other Notable discussions/changes/issues/features:
+         No update
+ How would you assess the podling's maturity?  Please feel free to add your own commentary.
-   [ ] Initial setup
+    [  ] Initial setup
-   [ ] Working towards first release
+    [  ] Working towards first release  (nearly complete, see above)
-   [ ] Community building
+    [X] Community building
-   [ ] Nearing graduation
+    [X] Nearing graduation  
-   [ ] Other:
+    [  ] Other:  
+ Comments:
+     Need greater variety of contributors and contributing companies; especially on the “back-end”
platform side and to align us with Knative.
+     Need more mentor help at getting release votes through IPMC with the large # of components
we have now.
- Date of last release:
+ Date of last release:    
+     Links to latest component releases can be found here:
+     Composer (new), v0.90 RC1, undergoing IPMC vote:
- When were the last committers or PPMC members elected?
+ When were the last committers or PPMC members elected?    
- Have your mentors been helpful and responsive or are things falling
- through the cracks? In the latter case, please list any open issues
- that need to be addressed.
+     New Committers+PPMC:
+         None since last report
+     New Committers:
+         None since last report (PPMC will work on this)
    [ ](openwhisk) Bertrand Delacretaz
    [ ](openwhisk) Jim Jagielski
-      Comments: No report provided
+      Comments:
  IPMC/Shepherd notes:

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