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Subject incubator git commit: Anchors ignore ()
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2018 17:10:24 GMT
Repository: incubator
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/master c3242ff3a -> 125eff774

Anchors ignore ()


Branch: refs/heads/master
Commit: 125eff774ac980382a7461ce5272bca1820c1af8
Parents: c3242ff
Author: Sebb <>
Authored: Mon Aug 20 18:10:10 2018 +0100
Committer: Sebb <>
Committed: Mon Aug 20 18:10:10 2018 +0100

 pages/guides/ | 22 +++++++++++-----------
 1 file changed, 11 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)
diff --git a/pages/guides/ b/pages/guides/
index a141f25..de3acc1 100644
--- a/pages/guides/
+++ b/pages/guides/
@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ requires the consent of the project link:
 Graduation as a project requires the formation of the new
 project by the link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#board[Board].
-The link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#Incubator_Project_Management_Committee_%28PMC%29[IPMC]
+The link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#Incubator_Project_Management_Committee_IPMC[IPMC]
 will also express a democratic opinion. For those seeking
 to graduate to a subproject this *link:[VOTE]*
 is to approve the
@@ -107,11 +107,11 @@ a substitute for reading the content below.
 ** Ensure link:#notes-names[suitable names] for project name and product names
 ** Demonstrate ability to link:#releases[create Apache releases]
 ** Demonstrate link:#community[community readiness]
-** Ensure link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#Mentor[Mentors] and link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#Incubator_Project_Management_Committee_%28PMC%29[IPMC]
have no link:#notes-issues[remaining issues]
+** Ensure link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#Mentor[Mentors] and link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#Incubator_Project_Management_Committee_IPMC[IPMC]
have no link:#notes-issues[remaining issues]
 * Decide upon link:#subproject-or-top-level[destination]
 * Prepare a link:#tlp-resolution[resolution] *(top level candidates only)*.
 * link:#subproject-acceptance[Subproject acceptance *VOTE*] by destination Project *(subproject
candidates only)*
-* link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#Incubator_Project_Management_Committee_%28PMC%29[Incubator
+* link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#Incubator_Project_Management_Committee_IPMC[Incubator
 ** For top level candidates, this is a link:#ipmc-top-level-recommendation[recommendation
 ** For subproject candidates, this is a link:#subproject-graduation[graduation approval *VOTE*]
 * Final link:#notes-on-hand-over[hand-over]
@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@ able to graduate, all tasks need to be completed.
 The status file is a great way of keeping tabs on how your
 project is doing and what needs to be done to meet the
-graduation criteria. The link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#Incubator_Project_Management_Committee_%28PMC%29[Incubator
+graduation criteria. The link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#Incubator_Project_Management_Committee_IPMC[Incubator
 will check this
 file when they vote on the graduation of your project.
 Once all tasks are done and the listed criteria met, your
@@ -155,13 +155,13 @@ demonstrate the ability to create an Apache Release.
 Podlings do not need to actually *publish* a
 release to demonstrate that they understand how to
 accomplish such a feat. However, creating a release that
-is approved by the link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#Incubator_Project_Management_Committee_%28PMC%29[incubator
project management committee] is usually the
+is approved by the link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#Incubator_Project_Management_Committee_IPMC[incubator
project management committee] is usually the
 simplest way to do this.
 If you are going to cut a release (which is highly
 recommended), then please read the link:releasemanagement.html[Incubator Release Management
Guide] for hints, tips and guidelines for cutting a
 release that will get approved by the
 without problems.
 == Creating an Open and Diverse community
@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@ these communities understand how to:
 - disagree in public on technical matters without destroying personal relationships
 - create an open, positive and inclusive atmosphere on the mailing lists
-Graduation tests whether (in the opinion of the link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#Incubator_Project_Management_Committee_%28PMC%29[IPMC])
+Graduation tests whether (in the opinion of the link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#Incubator_Project_Management_Committee_IPMC[IPMC])
 a podling has learned enough and is responsible enough to
 sustain itself as such a community.
@@ -240,7 +240,7 @@ Podlings who are unsure if they are ready to graduate may want to consider
 Top level projects are created by the
 link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#board[Board]. The
Project Management Committee (IPMC)] can therefore only
Project Management Committee (IPMC)] can therefore only
 recommend to the Board that the project is ready to
 graduate to a top level project.
@@ -276,7 +276,7 @@ to demonstrate this is through a free *link:
 community) on the graduation proposal.
 This *VOTE* is not a requirement but is recommended. It
-is unlikely that link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#Incubator_Project_Management_Committee_%28PMC%29[IPMC]members

+is unlikely that link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#Incubator_Project_Management_Committee_IPMC[IPMC]members

 will vote to approve graduation unless the link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#Mentor[Mentors]
 and community positively express their readiness for
 graduation. It is wise to notify the 
@@ -329,7 +329,7 @@[incubator list] before a *link:http://w
 is started to allow feedback. Once a consensus has been reached, a *VOTE*
 should be started on the same general incubator list by a member of the link:ppmc.html[PPMC]
 that the
 recommends the resolution to the link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#board[Board].
 === Submission of the Resolution to the Board
@@ -417,7 +417,7 @@ roughly at the same time that the board resolution is sent.
 == Graduating to a Subproject
 Subprojects are accepted by a Project Management
-Committee. The link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#Incubator_Project_Management_Committee_%28PMC%29[Incubator
Project Management Committee]
+Committee. The link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#Incubator_Project_Management_Committee_IPMC[Incubator
Project Management Committee]
 needs to approve the graduation of the podling to a

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