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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "May2018" by Justin Mclean
Date Mon, 07 May 2018 08:52:17 GMT
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The "May2018" page has been changed by Justin Mclean:

Add report and signed off Apache Edgent

- Edgent is a stream processing programming model and lightweight runtime to
- execute analytics at devices on the edge or at the gateway. (Formerly known as
- Quarks)
+ Apache Edgent is a programming SDK and micro-kernel style runtime
+ that can be embedded in gateways and small footprint edge devices enabling
+ local, real-time, analytics on the continuous streams of data coming
+ from equipment, vehicles, systems, appliances, devices and sensors of
+ all kinds (for example, Raspberry Pis or smart phones). Working in
+ conjunction with centralized analytic systems, Apache Edgent provides
+ efficient and timely analytics across the whole IoT ecosystem: from the
+ center to the edge.
  Edgent has been incubating since 2016-02-29.
  Three most important issues to address in the move towards graduation:
-   1.
-   2.
-   3.
+  1. Create and expand a diverse community of contributors and committers
+     around the Edgent project.
+  2. Attracting at least another independent committer/ppmc member.
+  3. Finding further real world users of Edgent
  Any issues that the Incubator PMC (IPMC) or ASF Board wish/need to be
  aware of?
+  Community participation, implying interest in Edgent, continues
+  to be an issue.  One of the two active committer/PPMC members has
+  retired at the end of February and the level of their continuing
+  participation is has been significantly reduced since then. The second
+  active committer was also very consumed with finishing his house-
+  building, which is now finished. So we are hoping to see increased
+  activity again.
- How has the community developed since the last report?
- How has the project developed since the last report?
+ How has the community developed since the last report?
+  * An article on Apache Edgent has been published as cover-story in the
+    German JavaSPEKTRUM magazine in March
+    (
+  * At the Techcamp.Hamburg in April we had one well attended talk about
+     Apache Edgent
+  * Total, we have 76 subscribers to our mailing list, an increase
+    of 4 since the last report.
+  * We have seen a new name on the list, which seems to be interested in
+    contributing. Especially in the Kafka area. We are hoping to see more
+    activity in the near future.
+ How has the project developed since the last report?
+  * We have updated the Kafka module to the latest Kafka version
+  * According to JIRA, 2 new issues were added and none were resolved
+    in the last 90 days
+  * 12 commits were made in the last 90 days.
  How would you assess the podling's maturity?
  Please feel free to add your own commentary.
    [ ] Initial setup
    [ ] Working towards first release
-   [ ] Community building
+   [X] Community building
    [ ] Nearing graduation
    [ ] Other:
  Date of last release:
+  2017-12-14  Apache Edgent 1.2.0
  When were the last committers or PPMC members elected?
+  In August 2017, we added Christofer Dutz as a new committer
+  and PPMC member.
@@ -370, +396 @@

    [ ](edgent) Luciano Resende
-   [ ](edgent) Justin Mclean
+   [X](edgent) Justin Mclean
  IPMC/Shepherd notes:

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