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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "EChartsProposal" by JerryTan
Date Fri, 29 Dec 2017 06:14:36 GMT
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The "EChartsProposal" page has been changed by JerryTan:

  ECharts encapsulates the underlying data transformation, control flow, visual encoding and
rendering, receiving the visualization requirements with declarative language, and produces
interactive charts and components. We will highlight the features below to illustrate the
power that ECharts already has, and our concerns and our visions:
-   *User Diversity:
+   * User Diversity:
  ECharts expects that its users are not only web developers, but also
  people with lesser programing skills. So ECharts enables users to
  describe data and settings with declarative language, which lowers
  the barrier but without losing the power, and benefit to transfer
  and store.
-   *Configurable Interactions:
+   * Configurable Interactions:
  ECharts has provided plenty of interactions and aims at providing more.
  Both human interactions and the interactions with upper program are
  supported and can be configurable.
-   *Large Data:
+   * Large Data:
  Although the browser environment and JavaScript bring some performance
  limits in visualizing large data or performing animations, ECharts have
  been adopting various optimization techniques to rise the upper limit
  of the amount of data that it can process, and keep improving the
  fluency of interactions and animations.
-   *Cross-Platform:**
+   * Cross-Platform:
  The underlying render engine of ECharts can be switched between
  HTMLCanvas, SVG, or VML, which provides good compatibility and brings
  opportunities to optimize performance according to different platform
@@ -172, +172 @@

  === Required Resources ===
- ==== Mail list: ====
+ ==== Mailing List: ====
  There are currently no mailing lists.
  The usual mailing lists are expected to be set up when entering incubation:
@@ -188, +188 @@

  ECharts currently uses GitHub to track issues. there are more than 7k issues. Would like
to continue to do so while we discuss migration possibilities with the ASF Infra committee.
  ==== URL: ====
- currently the website url is
It will be moved to to follow incubator conventions.
+ Currently the website url is
It will be moved to to follow incubator conventions.
  === Initial Committers ===
@@ -204, +204 @@

  === Sponsors: ===
  ==== Champion: ====
- Kevin A. McGrail
+   * Kevin A. McGrail
  ==== Mentors: ====
- Daniel Gruno 
+   * Daniel Gruno 
- John D. Ament
+   * John D. Ament
  ==== Sponsoring Entity ====
  We are requesting the Incubator to sponsor this project.

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