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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "SkyWalkingProposal" by mck
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2017 06:53:26 GMT
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The "SkyWalkingProposal" page has been changed by mck:

  ''Follow the Apache guide: [[Guide :: A Guide To Proposal Creation|]].''
- = DRAFT =
- This proposal is still being worked on and has not formally been presented yet.
  = Abstract =
  Skywalking is an APM (application performance monitor), especially for microservice, Cloud
Native and container-based architecture systems. Also known as a distributed tracing system.
It provides an automatic way to instrument applications: no need to change any of the source
code of the target application; and an collector with an very high efficiency streaming module.
@@ -57, +54 @@

  == Known Risks ==
  The project is well known in global tracing and APM field, and live more than 2 years. We
are not sure there exists a risk, but definitely have a challenge for us. So far, the contributors,
committers and confirmed product use cases are all from China. 
  === Language and Culture ===
- TBC (from offline conversations regarding how the community has so far been active with
its bilingual challenges)
+ Concerns have been raised about language challenges and, as is typical for developers not
strong in english, aware that the community can be shy in a debate or disagreement when english
is used. Having looked through the project's history this concern can be seen to be minor.
The commitlog is in english, and so are the tickets and the pull requests. The website and
documentation is equally both english and chinese. The community has been strict upon itself
to ensure it became and stays so. The use of chinese should not be seen as a problem, it is
a multilingual world, but it is important that english speakers feel included and able to
contribute freely to the project without having to ask for translations. To deal with poor
or broken english it's important that a gentler and inclusive community is fostered.
  == Orphaned products ==
  The contributors and community cooperation brings the project from a small concept into
a real APM system. So far, many companies, e.g. Huawei DevCloud,, tydic,,
have their own independency contribute team for Skywalking. So this is not risk of any signs
of orphaned or abandoned code.
  == Inexperience with Open Source ==
- The founder of the project, Sheng Wu, is an open source lover. He contributed for these
open source projects(not all): OpenTracing-Specification, OpenTracing-Java, Motan, Hprose,
OpenTracing specification-zh, apache/incubator-rocketmq, since 2014.
+ The founder of the project, Sheng Wu, is an open source lover. He has contributed for these
open source projects: OpenTracing-Specification, OpenTracing-Java, Motan, Hprose, OpenTracing
specification-zh, and apache/incubator-rocketmq.
  Hongtao Gao, our committer team member, is the major maintainer of [[sharding-jdbc|]]
and [[elastic-job||]] since 2014.
@@ -86, +84 @@

  == Initial Source ==
+ The project consists of two distinct codebases: the server and the UI. These have existed
as separate git repositories.

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