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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "DRATProposal" by ChrisMattmann
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2017 05:26:25 GMT
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The "DRATProposal" page has been changed by ChrisMattmann:

  == Current Status ==
+ DRAT is feature-complete, and is about to release a v 1.0. Further development on DRAT will
occur at a minimum at JPL (we are going to use it on our huge internal GitHub enterprise repository,
and offer it as a service to the lab). In addition, DRAT currently is used in the NSF EarthCube
program to assess repositories, and there are a handful of users of the system. We are a small
community, but there is already great interest in the system.
  == Meritocracy ==
@@ -35, +35 @@

  == Community ==
+ The current DRAT community is primarily a handful of JPL'ers, along with former JPL'ers
and USC students who have worked on the project. Those students and former JPL'ers now are
employed at places like Apple, Google, and various startups and all expect to continue to
the project. Beyond these contributors and community we look to take advantage of Google Summer
of Code, along with continue to build community in Mattmann's graduate courses at USC, and
at JPL and the NSF and Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Federation community. In
addition we have already generated some interest and contributions from the Wicket community.
We expect OODT people to be interested and to contribute to DRAT since it is a canonical use
of Apache OODT. In addition, Tika, Solr and Lucene folks will likely be interested to contribute,
and of course last but not least, folks working on RAT/Creadur we expect to be contributors
to the project.
  == Core Developers ==
+ Chris Mattmann remains the core developer of DRAT, along with more recently a set of graduate
students and JPL'ers who have since moved on to Apple, Google and private enterprise. Those
developers are still engaged with the project. We also get contributions from students and
JPL'ers using the effort, and we are looking to grow the core set of developers by being an
Apache project.
- Mention JPL folks
- Tyler is at Google
- Karanjeet formerly of USC + JPL and now Apple
- former USC students
  == Alignment ==
+ The project is already operating using Apache meritocracy principles, and our philosophy
for community and code aligns well with the ASF.
  == Known Risks ==
  === Orphaned products ===
+ JPL making a commitment to run DRAT on our internal code repos, and the NSF and DARPA have
already invested handsomely in DRAT as a service for their code repositories. There is funding
going forward for the next few years to work on DRAT. Having DRAT at Apache will hopefully
embolden the project to expand into other communities, e.g., Wicket (perhaps to be a canonical
example of a Wicket app?), or Creadur/RAT (perhaps via a Maven plugin). We also expect to
have DRAT interactive reports become the norm at the ASF rather than RAT as it is currently
mostly used which is based on individual projects. There is little chance for orphaning, but
if we reach that point we will follow the Apache process around Attic/etc.
- JPL making a commitment to run DRAT on our internal code repos
  === Inexperience with Open Source ===
+ All proposed PMC members are seasoned open source veterans at the ASF or in the broader
open source community.
  === Relationships with Other Apache Products ===
- RAT, OODT, Tika, Lucene, Solr, Wicket
+  * RAT - the core license analysis toolkit that inspired DRAT. We use RAT as a "map reduce
+  * OODT - the data management and workflow framework to perform license analysis, record
intermediate Rat logs, and catalog and archive source code files, and to run Tika on them.
OODT is the "glue" for the project.
+  * Tika - performs extractions and MIME detections that allow DRAT to "split/partition"
the code base in the map reduce style. Tika is responsible for classifying source code files
during repository analysis.
+  * Lucene / Solr - used to create an index of metadata properties about the source code
repo and to query those properties.
+  * Wicket - our core "operational cockpit" for DRAT, Proteus, is built on Wicket.
  === Homogeneous Developers ===

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