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Subject [2/2] incubator git commit: INCUBATOR-202 Remove the template (its in two other places). Clarify subproject votes.
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2017 01:27:44 GMT
INCUBATOR-202 Remove the template (its in two other places).  Clarify subproject votes.


Branch: refs/heads/INCUBATOR-202
Commit: f4264a9b537feae0b8ef3a6acc913f0f1af26f9f
Parents: ea31666
Author: John D. Ament <>
Authored: Tue Jul 18 21:27:04 2017 -0400
Committer: John D. Ament <>
Committed: Tue Jul 18 21:27:04 2017 -0400

 pages/guides/graduation-template.txt | 52 -------------------------------
 pages/guides/           | 42 ++++++-------------------
 2 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 85 deletions(-)
diff --git a/pages/guides/graduation-template.txt b/pages/guides/graduation-template.txt
deleted file mode 100644
index 9bf479e..0000000
--- a/pages/guides/graduation-template.txt
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,52 +0,0 @@
-Establish the Apache <Name> Project
-WHEREAS, the Board of Directors deems it to be in the best
-interests of the Foundation and consistent with the
-Foundation's purpose to establish a Project Management
-Committee charged with the creation and maintenance of
-open-source software, for distribution at no charge to the
-public, related to <a clear mission statement>
-NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that a Project Management
-Committee (PMC), to be known as the "Apache <Name> Project", be
-and hereby is established pursuant to Bylaws of the Foundation;
-and be it further
-RESOLVED,that the Apache <Name> Project be and hereby is
-responsible for the creation and maintenance of software
-related to <same mission statement>.
-RESOLVED, that the office of "Vice President, Apache <Name>" be
-and hereby is created, the person holding such office to serve
-at the direction of the Board of Directors as the chair of the
-Apache <Name> Project, and to have primary responsibility for
-management of the projects within the scope of responsibility
-of the Apache <Name> Project; and be it further
-RESOLVED, that the persons listed immediately below be and
-hereby are appointed to serve as the initial members of the
-Apache <Name> Project:
-<< here, list out each PMC member, in the format of
-* First Last <apache email>
-appointed to the office of Vice President, Apache <Name>, to
-serve in accordance with and subject to the direction of the
-Board of Directors and the Bylaws of the Foundation until
-death, resignation, retirement, removal or disqualification,
-or until a successor is appointed; and be it further
-RESOLVED, that the initial Apache <Name> PMC be and hereby is
-tasked with the creation of a set of bylaws intended to
-encourage open development and increased participation in the
-Apache <Name> Project; and be it further
-RESOLVED, that the Apache <Name> Project be and hereby is tasked
-with the migration and rationalization of the Apache Incubator
-<Name> podling; and be it further
-RESOLVED, that all responsibilities pertaining to the Apache
-Incubator <Name> podling encumbered upon the Apache Incubator
-Project are hereafter discharged.
diff --git a/pages/guides/ b/pages/guides/
index f6beb70..7411459 100644
--- a/pages/guides/
+++ b/pages/guides/
@@ -293,17 +293,13 @@ drawn up by the community advised by the
 Committers can access the podling template for
 resolutions in the 
svn repository]. Also, resolutions are included in
-the Board minutes, which are posted publicly 
-link:[here ] . These contain numerous
examples. Good
-examples include:
svn repository].  Your link:[whimsy roster] also includes
a feature to draft a resolution.  Also, resolutions are included in the Board minutes, which
are posted publicly
+link:[here ] . These contain numerous
examples. Good examples include:
 - Harmony (see section *E. Establish the Apache Harmony project* in the link:[October
2006 Board minutes])
 - OFBiz (see section *B. Establish Apache Open for Business Project* in the link:[December
2006 Board minutes])
 - Cayenne (see section *C. Establish Apache Cayenne Project* in the link:[December
2006 Board minutes])
-link:/guides/graduation-template.txt[Click here for a template of this proposal to use.]
 The original proposal and the status document should
 be consulted when creating this document. Projects
 evolve over time and some deviation from the original
@@ -339,7 +335,7 @@ recommends the resolution to the link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.htm
 === Submission of the Resolution to the Board
 Top level projects are created by a link:#tlp-resolution[resolution] by the
 Once the link:#tlp-resolution[resolution] has been
 finalized and consensus reached, it should be
 submitted to the Board. For inclusion in the agenda
@@ -347,7 +343,7 @@ for the next meeting, the resolution should be
 submitted at least 72 hours before that meeting. A
 calendar for meetings is link:[available].
-Business for the link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#board[Board] should be
submitted by a post
+Business for the link:/policy/roles_and_responsibilities.html#the_board[Board] should be
submitted by a post
 to the *board* mailing list. Posting from
 an Apache address is recommended. Mixing public and
 private lists on a post is not recommended.
@@ -356,7 +352,7 @@ The *board* list is private.
 The usual link:[netiquette]
 for Apache private lists should be observed. So, it is
 recommended that only the podling and
 private lists are CC'd (rather than the general incubator
 list). Please treat responses with appropriate
@@ -375,7 +371,7 @@ For example:
 From: &lt;you _at_ apache dot org&gt;
 To: &lt;board _at_ apache dot org&gt;
 CC: &lt;&lt;project&gt;-private _at_ incubator dot apache dot org&gt;
-Subject: proposed resolution: establish &lt;project&gt; TLP
+Subject: Proposed Resolution: Establish &lt;project&gt; TLP
 Dear Apache Board,
@@ -407,7 +403,7 @@ submit reminders or ask whether messages have been
 received on the list. link:[Apache Members]
have access to the link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#board[Board]
 archives and may
 observe Board meetings. To follow the progress of a
-resolution, please ask a friendly Member or 
+resolution, please ask a friendly Mentor, Member or
 === Press Releases for new TLPs
@@ -427,26 +423,10 @@ subproject.
 === Community Graduation Vote
-A community needs to be willing to govern itself
-before it can become a top level project. A good way
-to demonstrate this is through a free
-(by the community) on the graduation proposal.
-This *VOTE* is not a requirement but is recommended. It
-is unlikely that 
-members will vote to approve graduation unless the 
-and community positively express their readiness for
-graduation. It is wise to copy the[incubator general list] and the 
-link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#Sponsor[sponsoring top level project] when
the *VOTE*
-is proposed.
+Becoming a subproject is a voluntary process, and should be accepted by the community becoming
a sub-project.  It should be clear to the PPMC and committers for the podling what the make
up of the new sub-project should be, e.g. who belongs on the receiving PMC, who will be a
committer.  Due to this nature, it is important that the podling votes to become a sub-project.
 This vote should happen on a public dev list.
 === Subproject Acceptance Vote
 A formal *link:[VOTE]*
 by the Project link:[PMC]
 to accept the podling as a subproject is a
@@ -457,9 +437,5 @@ right contact.
 === Graduation Approval Vote
-To graduate as a subproject, the link:/incubation/Roles_and_Responsibilities.html#Mentor[Mentors]
should start a *link:[VOTE]*
-thread on the[general list] proposing that
signs off the graduation of the podling as a
-subproject. This *VOTE*s should only be started once the
-project has *VOTE*d to accept the subproject.
+Once the accepting TLP have voted to accept the podling and the podling has voted to become
a subproject, noticed should be sent to the IPMC via `general AT incubator.a.o` email list
indicating that the podling will become a subproject.  If after 72 hours no issues are raised,
the podling may be considered a subproject of the accepting TLP.  Likewise, if any IPMC member
raises an issue, that should be discussed.  If the issue is addressed, the member raising
the issue should indicate they rescind their concerns or otherwise consider them resolved.

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