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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "RocketMQProposal" by BruceSnyder
Date Mon, 31 Oct 2016 13:37:45 GMT
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The "RocketMQProposal" page has been changed by BruceSnyder:

  === Relationships with Other Apache Products ===
- RocketMQ is not currently integrated with any other ASF projects.It has different design
goal, comparing with another apache messaging solutions, such as ActiveMQ and Kafka.details
can see 
+ RocketMQ is not currently integrated with any other ASF projects. Although RocketMQ has
some similarities to other ASF projects as a messaging server, it does have different design
goals. Please see the table below providing some context for simple comparison to some other
Apache messaging projects at the ASF such as ActiveMQ and Kafka (apologies for the terrible
MoinMoin table formatting, its syntax is limited. For a much better formatted table, please
see the [[|RocketMQ Github page]]).
+  ||'''Messaging Product'''||'''Protocol and Specification'''||'''Order Message'''||'''Message
Filter'''||'''Server Triggered Redelivery'''||'''Persistent Messaging'''||'''Retroactive Consumers'''||'''Message
Priority'''||'''High Availability and Failover'''||'''Message Tracking'''||'''Configuration'''||'''Management
and Operation Tools'''||
+  || ActiveMQ || Push model, supports OpenWire, Stomp, AMQP, HTTP, JMS, MQTT || Exclusive
consumer or exclusive queues will ensure ordering || Supported || Not Supported || Supports
very fast persistence using JDBC along with a high performance journal´╝îsuch as LevelDB and
KahaDB || Supported || Supported || Supported, depending on storage, if Kahadb storage a ZooKeeper
server is required, maybe trigger split brain after rebooting half of a two-node cluster ||
Not Supported || The default configuration is low level, user need to optimize the configuration
||Supported ||
+  || Kafka || Pull model, supports TCP || Ensure ordering of messages within a partition
|| Supported, you can use Kafka Streams to filter messages || Not Supported || High performance
file storage || Supported offset indicate || Not Supported || Supported, requires a ZooKeeper
server || Not Supported || Kafka uses key-value pairs format for configuration. These values
can be supplied either from a file or programmatically. || Supported, use terminal commands
to expose core metrics ||
+  || RocketMQ || Pull model, supports TCP, HTTP, MQTT, JMS || Ensure strict ordering of messages,
have no hot spot problem and can scale out gracefully || Supported, you can even upload yourself
custom-built filter code snippets || Supported || High performance and low latency file storage
|| Supported timestamp and offset 2 indicates || Not Supported || Supported,Master-Slave model,
without anther kit || Supported || || All configurations are off the shelf, user only needs
to pay attention to a few configurations || Supported, rich web and terminal command to expose
core metrics ||
  === A Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand ===

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