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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "JuneauProposal" by JamesBognar
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2016 13:58:09 GMT
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The "JuneauProposal" page has been changed by JamesBognar:

  It gained traction as a reusable toolkit for existing projects to create self-documenting
REST interfaces using their existing POJOs.
+ "Juno" was a project that James Bognar had been working on over the years mostly on evenings
and weekends.  Way back in 2008(?), he made it into an IBM Community Source project (internal
open source).  Back then, it was only a JSON serialization library called JJSON.  Another
IBMer, Barry Caceres became interested and contributed bean proxy support.  His name remains
in the !BeanProxyInvocationHandler class.  He quietly left the project once he contributed
what he needed to the project.  
+ Between 2008-2012, the project was used by many IBM projects and was at times the 2nd-most
popular community source project in IBM.  During that time, people express interest in contributing
to the code, but for some reason nobody ever followed through with any contributions.  So
it was written and maintained by the lead developer.  The goal was for bug/feature requests
to have a turnaround of within 24 hours of the initial request.  The release process was automated
end-to-end with heavy use of JUnits, so creating new point releases only took a couple of
+ In 2012, the project was merged into Jazz Foundation, but it also remained as a separate
IBM Community Source project.  The "main" stream was in Jazz Foundation, and the streams would
periodically be synced to produce standalone releases for non-Jazz products.  James Bognar
retained ownership of new feature work in Jazz Foundation, and other Jazz developers contributed
bug fixes.  Their names would not be in the code because Jazz Foundation has a policy of NOT
including email addresses in the code so that support would go through proper channels instead
of having users contact the developers directly. 
+ In April 2016, the main developer left IBM to join Salesforce.  IBM agreed to make it an
open source project so that development on it could continue.
+ Peter Haumer is the IBM liaison in this endeavor.  He will be handling the legal aspects
of this contribution.  He uses Juneau in multiple projects and has an interest in seeing development
continue.  He has plans on enhancing the RDF support.  
+ It's the developer's main goal to create a vibrant community with many contributors around
this project.  
  == Rationale ==
  Currently, there is no common framework for marshalling POJOs in a consistent fashion to
a variety of content types.  Having a single common API for serializers and parsers allows
for a REST API that's considerably simpler than similar frameworks such as JAX-RS.  
@@ -69, +81 @@

  === Community ===
- Juneau created a strong following over the years as an IBM Community Source project with
20+ community members.  
+ Juneau created a strong following over the years as an IBM Community Source project. 
  Slack has been used heavily by this community within IBM.  A new Slack community has been
set up as a transition for this community:

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