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Subject svn commit: r1708040 - /incubator/public/trunk/content/podlings.xml
Date Mon, 12 Oct 2015 06:38:09 GMT
Author: marvin
Date: Mon Oct 12 06:38:09 2015
New Revision: 1708040

Set non-reporting podlings to "monthly".


Modified: incubator/public/trunk/content/podlings.xml
--- incubator/public/trunk/content/podlings.xml [utf-8] (original)
+++ incubator/public/trunk/content/podlings.xml [utf-8] Mon Oct 12 06:38:09 2015
@@ -219,7 +219,7 @@
     <podling name="BatchEE" status="current" resource="batchee" sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2013-10-03">
         <description>BatchEE projects aims to provide a JBatch implementation (aka
 and a set of useful extensions for this specification.</description>
-        <reporting group="1" />
+        <reporting group="1" monthly="true">November</reporting>
         <champion availid="fixme">FIXME</champion>
             <mentor username="jbonofre">Jean-Baptiste Onofré</mentor>
@@ -322,7 +322,7 @@ and a set of useful extensions for this
     <podling name="Climate Model Diagnostic Analyzer" status="current" resource="cmda"
sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2015-05-08">
         <description>CMDA provides web services for multi-aspect physics-based and
phenomenon-oriented climate model performance evaluation and diagnosis through the comprehensive
and synergistic use of multiple observational data, reanalysis data, and model outputs.
-        <reporting group="2" monthly="true">October</reporting>
+        <reporting group="2" monthly="true">November</reporting>
         <champion availid="mattmann">Chris Mattmann</champion>
             <mentor username="jcarman">James W. Carman</mentor>
@@ -491,7 +491,7 @@ and a set of useful extensions for this
     <podling name="DataFu" status="current" resource="datafu" sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2014-01-05">
         <description>DataFu provides a collection of Hadoop MapReduce jobs and functions
in higher level languages based on it to perform data analysis. It provides functions for
common statistics tasks (e.g. quantiles, sampling), PageRank, stream sessionization, and set
and bag operations. DataFu also provides Hadoop jobs for incremental data processing in MapReduce.</description>
-        <reporting group="1" />
+        <reporting group="1" monthly="true">November</reporting>
         <champion availid="jghoman">Jakob Homan</champion>
             <mentor username="hashutosh">Ashutosh Chauhan</mentor>
@@ -574,7 +574,7 @@ and a set of useful extensions for this
     <podling name="Droids" status="current" resource="droids" sponsor="HttpComponents,
Lucene" startdate="2008-10-09">
         <description>Droids aims to be an intelligent standalone robot framework that
allows to create and extend existing droids (robots).</description>
-        <reporting group="2" monthly="true">October</reporting>
+        <reporting group="2" monthly="true">November</reporting>
             <mentor username="thorsten">Thorsten Scherler</mentor>
             <mentor username="rfrovarp">Richard Frovarp</mentor>
@@ -791,7 +791,7 @@ and a set of useful extensions for this
     <podling name="HORN" status="current" resource="horn" sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2015-09-04">
         <description>HORN is a neuron-centric programming APIs and execution framework
for large-scale deep learning, built on top of Apache Hama.</description>
-        <reporting group="1" monthly="true">October,November,December</reporting>
+        <reporting group="1" monthly="true">November,December, January</reporting>
         <champion availid="edwardyoon">Edward J. Yoon</champion>
             <mentor username="lresende">Luciano Resende</mentor>
@@ -1285,7 +1285,7 @@ and a set of useful extensions for this
     <podling name="Cotton" status="current" resource="cotton" sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2015-06"
         <description>Cotton is an Apache Mesos framework for running MySQL instances.</description>
-        <reporting group="3" monthly="true">October</reporting>
+        <reporting group="3" monthly="true">November</reporting>
         <champion availid="jfarrell">Jake Farrell</champion>
             <mentor username="dlester">Dave Lester</mentor>
@@ -1353,7 +1353,7 @@ and a set of useful extensions for this
     <podling name="ODF Toolkit" status="current" resource="odftoolkit" resourceAliases="odf"
sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2011-08-01">
         <description>Java modules that allow programmatic creation, scanning and manipulation
of OpenDocument Format (ISO/IEC 26300 == ODF) documents</description>
-        <reporting group="1" />
+        <reporting group="1" monthly="true">November</reporting>
             <mentor username="rubys">Sam Ruby</mentor>
             <mentor username="nick">Nick Burch</mentor>
@@ -1657,7 +1657,7 @@ and a set of useful extensions for this
     <podling name="Ripple" status="current" resource="ripple" sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2012-10-16">
         <description>Ripple is a browser based mobile phone emulator designed to aid
in the development of HTML5 based mobile applications.  Ripple is a cross platform and cross
runtime testing/debugging tool. It currently supports such runtimes as Cordova, WebWorks aand
the Mobile Web.</description>
-        <reporting group="1" monthly="true">October</reporting>
+        <reporting group="1" monthly="true">November</reporting>
         <champion availid="rgardler">Ross Gardler</champion>
             <mentor username="jukka">Jukka Zitting</mentor>
@@ -2191,7 +2191,7 @@ and a set of useful extensions for this
     <podling name="Wave" status="current" resource="wave" sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2010-12-04">
         <description>A wave is a hosted, live, concurrent data structure for rich communication.
It can be used like email, chat, or a document.</description>
-        <reporting group="3" monthly="true">October</reporting>
+        <reporting group="3" monthly="true">November</reporting>
             <mentor username="grobmeier">Christian Grobmeier</mentor>
             <mentor username="upayavira">Upayavira</mentor>

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