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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "StackProposal" by Sterling Hughes
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2015 21:36:18 GMT
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The "StackProposal" page has been changed by Sterling Hughes:

  Stack is a real-time operating system for constrained embedded systems like wearables, 
  lightbulbs, locks and doorbells.  It works on a variety of 32-bit MCUs (Microcontrollers),
including ARM 
- Cortex-M, and MIPs architectures.  
+ Cortex-M, and MIPS architectures.  
  It includes the following components: 
@@ -19, +19 @@

    * Callouts 
    * Time 
-  * Bootloader for 32-bit MCUs
-   * The ability to have primary and fallback images 
-   * Facilities to support software upgrade, and autonomous fallback 
-  * Log structured flash filesystem 
-   * Designed for embedded devices with <4MB of flash (as little as 64KB), 
-     and large block sizes
-   * Supports compression, error correction and encryption. 
   * Command line package management and build system
    * The ability to create a workspace, and manage source packages (e.g. to allow for multiple
different filesystem implementations) 
    * Dependency verification, and versioning 
    * Automatic building of workspaces, including all the relevant options for embedded platforms

+  * Hardware Abstraction Layer unifying common MCU features (e.g. GPIOs, High Resolution
Timers, PWM interfaces, UARTs, ADCs, etc.)
-  * Bluetooth LE stack 
-   * Removes the need for proprietary "Soft Device" functionality found on the majority of
Bluetooth platforms today.
-   * This is the _ONLY_ open-source BLE stack for RTOS environments 
-  * Hardware Abstraction Layer unifying common MCU features (e.g. GPIOs, High Resolution
Timers, PWM interfaces, UARTs, ADCs, etc.)
+  * Board Support Infrastructure, that defines the framework for building software for various
board architectures. 
  == Proposal ==
@@ -66, +55 @@

   * Regression Testing Framework 
   * Power Management Support in the OS 
-  * Bootloader and Filesystem Security
   * Instrumentation Framework 
    * Statistics 
    * Log files 
@@ -75, +63 @@

   * Support for more platforms (TI, Broadcom) and Cortex M* processor set 
  Additionally, there is a number of other core services that need to be developed 
- over time: 
+ around the core operating system.
   * Bluetooth LE stack 
+  * Log structured flash filesystem
+  * Flash circular buffer stores 
   * Drivers for Sensors and Actuators 
    * Services to control motors, pumps and read accelleromaters, heart rate sensors, etc.

   * Core services for location & time 
@@ -93, +83 @@

  Our goal during incubation is to develop a community around Stack OS.  We fully intend this
  be a community run and led effort.  We believe that decisions should be made on the mailing
list, and that
- core contributors (regardless of corporate affliation) should be the ones who decide the
future of the project.  
+ core contributors (regardless of corporate affiliation) should be the ones who decide the
future of the project.  
  We will work during the incubator to foster new contributors and grow the community beyond
our company.  
@@ -143, +133 @@

   * The ASF has a strong track record in developing healthy communities that co-exist with
commercial entities. 
  == Documentation ==
- None exists, actively being worked on! 
+ There is a documentation project located at
+ This effort is nascent, and actively being worked on.  We believe good documentation is
a critical component of the operating system.
  == Initial Source ==
  All source code is currently hosted by Runtime, on Github.  Upon approval into the incubator,

- this code will be gifted to the ASF.
+ this code will be licensed to the ASF.
  == External Dependencies ==
- No external dependencies currently exist, all code has been written by Runtime.
+ No external dependencies currently exist in the core OS, all code has been written by Runtime.
- Down to the bare metal!   
+ The board and microcontroller specific support packages contain code from the various MCU
vendors.  This code has been ensured to be under either an Apache or BSD license. 
  == Cryptography ==
@@ -180, +172 @@

   * Sterling Hughes (sterling at
   * William San Filippo (will at
   * Christopher Collins (chris at
-  * Aditi Dubey (aditi at 
+  * Aditi Hilbert (aditi at 
-  * Marko Kiiskila (marko at 
  == Affiliations ==

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