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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "ORDSProposal" by krispopat
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2015 07:47:34 GMT
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The "ORDSProposal" page has been changed by krispopat:

+ == Abstract ==
- Abstract
  ORDS is a user and project centered, web-based  database-as-a-service (DbaaS) system with
data publishing.
+ == Proposal ==
- Proposal
  ORDS imports data from recognized sources such as csv files, spreadsheets, and relational
database files into structured online databases to provide DbaaS functionality. The databases
are stored in an RDBMS (PostgreSQL with ORM access). It has a full set of high-level tools
for managing and editing these databases, including tools that give users the ability to create
versioned snapshots of data and share specific datasets. New databases can also be created
using these tools.  Databases are housed in projects and associated with users with given
roles. The data can be exported in common formats.
- Background
+ == Background ==
  The ORDS system was developed, deployed and utilized at the University of Oxford as an online
tool for researchers working with relational databases.  It offered secure hosting for the
data with sharing and editing interfaces to allow researchers to work together with colleagues
and collaborators to collect, organize, manage data then to to cite research data for publication
audit. The original instigation of the project was in response to requests for a DbaaS system
from university researchers and lecturers.
- Rationale
+ == Rationale ==
  The team believes strongly that the tools developed within ORDS could relatively easily
be generalized for the wider community; not only the research community but also anyone who
has need for centrally managed data.
  There are several underlying principles that should be of interest to the wider community:
@@ -26, +22 @@

  While there are larger DBaaS projects such as OpenStack Trove, ORDS provides a relatively
straightforward solution for the “long tail” of “Small Data” commonly found in organisations.
- Current Status
+ == Current Status ==
  ORDS is currently a tool being used by researchers at the University of Oxford.  The same
team is also maintaining the source in an SVN repository.
  Information about the service as it stands is available at __
@@ -67, +62 @@

  ORDS was created as a service in the Higher Education Sector in the UK funded by JISC. 
The ORDS team believes that the move to a properly managed open source solution would be facilitated
by the use of a formalized ‘incubator’. This would provide the project with a tried-and-tested
governance structure, set of processes, and a model for due diligence.
- Known Risks
+ == Known Risks ==
  ''Orphaned products''
  ORDS will not be orphaned.  The primary backer to this project currently runs it as an ongoing
university wide service with support and maintenance.  It is not envisaged that this would
stop. In fact they wish is to make this software available to the wider community.  This is
also strongly encouraged by the original funders of the project.
@@ -97, +91 @@

  Apache has a recognized track record of supporting and encouraging the growth of open source
projects.  The attraction for the ORDS team is in supporting the ongoing development of growth
of the ORDS project recognizing the Apache have a solid foundation for doing this because
of its tradition of upholding good open source practice and philosophy.
- Documentation
+ == Documentation ==
  Developer and Administration documentation is to be created as part of the incubation process.
  Currently overview documentation can be found at:
  The ORDS user documentation can be found at:
- Initial Source
+ == Initial Source ==
  The initial source is comprised of code written by IT Services at the University of Oxford.
 It is currently hosted in house on a university SVN server. Work is being undertaken to put
all the source under apache 2 licenses, this includes the due diligence on dependencies already
mentioned and making sure correct license notices are included in all sources.
  Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan
  Work is currently being undertaken preparing the source for open source distribution making
sure the build system operates in multiple environments. The IP rights to the code can be
transferred from Oxford University (donated) to Apache at the outset or when required - this
has already be agreed with the university.
- External Dependencies
+ == External Dependencies ==
@@ -151, +142 @@

- Required Resources
+ == Required Resources ==
   * Mailing lists
    * ords-private (with moderated subscriptions)
    * ords-dev
@@ -164, +154 @@

   * Wiki
- Initial Committers and Affiliations
+ == Initial Committers and Affiliations ==
   * David Paine, University of Oxford
   * James Wilson, University of Oxford
   * Meriel Patrick, University of Oxford
@@ -174, +163 @@

  NB. A request has been made by Atri Sharma to join the committers for this project.
+ == Sponsors ==
- Sponsors

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