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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "HAWQProposal" by RomanShaposhnik
Date Fri, 28 Aug 2015 23:42:19 GMT
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The "HAWQProposal" page has been changed by RomanShaposhnik:

  A unique aspect of HAWQ is its integration of statistical and machine learning capabilities
that can be natively invoked from SQL or (in the context of PL/Python, PL/Java or PL/R) in
massively parallel modes and applied to large data sets across a Hadoop cluster. These capabilities
are provided through MADlib – an existing open source, parallel machine-learning library.
Given the close ties between the two development communities, the MADlib community has expressed
interest in joining HAWQ on its journey into the ASF Incubator and will be submitting a separate,
concurrent proposal.
  HAWQ will provide more robust and higher performing options for Hadoop environments that
demand best-in-class data analytics for business critical purposes. HAWQ is implemented in
C and C++.
+ HAWQ has a few runtime dependencies licensed under the Cat X list:
+   * gperf (GPL Version 3)
+   * libgsasl (LGPL Version 2.1)
+   * libuuid-2.26 (LGPL Version 2)
+ However, given the runtime (dynamic linking) nature of these dependencies it doesn't represent
a problem for HAWQ to be considered an ASF project.
  == Proposal ==
  The goal of this proposal is to bring the core of Pivotal Software, Inc.’s (Pivotal) Pivotal
HAWQⓇ codebase into the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) in order to build a vibrant, diverse
and self-governed open source community around the technology. Pivotal has agreed to transfer
the brand name "HAWQ" to Apache Software Foundation and will stop using HAWQ to refer to this
software if the project gets accepted into the ASF Incubator under the name of "Apache HAWQ
(incubating)". Pivotal will continue to market and sell an analytic engine product that includes
Apache HAWQ (incubating). While HAWQ is our primary choice for a name of the project, in anticipation
of any potential issues with PODLINGNAMESEARCH we have come up with two alternative names:
(1) Hornet; or (2) Grove.
@@ -190, +196 @@

    * Mel S Kiyama
    * Charles Alan Litzell
    * David Yozie
+   * Ed Espino
    * Caleb Welton
    * Parham Parvizi
    * Dan Baskette
@@ -209, +216 @@

  == Affiliations ==
    * Barclays:  Atri Sharma
+   * Bloomberg: Justin Erenkrantz
    * Hortonworks: Alan Gates, Owen O'Malley, Thejas Nair, Don Bosco Durai
    * WANDisco: Konstantin Boudnik, Sergey Soldatov
    * Pivotal: everyone else on this proposal
@@ -226, +234 @@

    * Thejas Nair - Apache Member, Hortonworks
    * Konstantin Boudnik - Apache Member, WANDisco
    * Roman Shaposhnik - Apache Member, Pivotal
+   * Justin Erenkrantz - Apache Member, Bloomberg
  === Sponsoring Entity ===
  We would like to propose Apache incubator to sponsor this project.

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