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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "ConcertedProposal" by AtriSharma
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2015 09:46:42 GMT
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The "ConcertedProposal" page has been changed by AtriSharma:

New page:
= Abstract =

Concerted is an in memory write less read more engine aimed to provide extreme read performance
with very high degree of concurrency and scalability and focus on minimizing own resource

= Proposal =
Concerted is built on the principal that a new type of workloads are dominating the scene
and are now needed to be supported. These are the large data set analytical workloads being
analyzed or used on large clusters or high power machines. Large analytical workloads depend
on the ability to query large data sets efficiently and in high concurrency while maintaining
semantics such as immediate consistency. An in memory engine designed to support extreme read
queries while providing support for aggregation will accelerate many usecases around large
scale analytics.

= Background =
Relational databases were built with the cost of physical memory in mind. The cost is no longer
very relevant and physical memory is now available on demand. Another driving factor behind
concerted is that it also  Also, supporting OLAP workloads with in memory support for faster
read constant queries and joins will be useful.

= Rationale =
The need for an open source in memory relational database engine is the ask and having a full
blown in memory OLTP engine is very useful for a lot of use cases.

= Initial Goals =
The initial goal is to make current code base more structured and build a community around
Concerted to start building major features.

= Current Status =
Concerted is currently in development stage. It currently has multidimensional structures,
transaction manager, lock manager. The I/O and Cache manager is currently in development.

== Meritocracy ==

We will discuss the milestone and the future plan in an open forum. We plan to encourage an
environment that supports a meritocracy. The contributors will have different privileges according
to their contributions.

== Community ==
In memory is the new cutting edge thing and a new community around performance oriented systems
and enhancing relational database performance by having complete in memory OLTP engines will
greatly benefit performance. So we expect data warehousing projects and communities as well
as projects and companies looking for high performance OLTP performance. In addition, Ingenium
Data Systems is building products around Concerted and will have salaried developers contribute
to the project as part of job responsibility.

== Core Developers ==
Core developers are a diverse group of developers, many of which are very experienced in open
source and the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

 * Amrish Sharma <amrishs AT ingeniumsys DOT com>
 * Nupur S <nupurs AT ingeniumsys DOT com>
 * Atri Sharma <atri DOT jiit AT>
 * Hyunsik Choi <hyunsik AT apache DOT org>
 * Jihoon Son <ghoonson AT gmail DOT com>
 * Nishith Singhal <nishsinghal AT gmail DOT com>

== Alignment ==
Concerted will be helpful to systems like Tajo which can benefit with in memory structures
optimized for heavy reads and joins (dimension tables). In addition Concerted will benefit
projects looking for in memory relational database as a metadata store, which is the case
for most of the Apache Big Data projects.

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