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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Trivial Update of "ApexProposal" by AmolKekre
Date Wed, 05 Aug 2015 18:12:34 GMT
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The "ApexProposal" page has been changed by AmolKekre:

Removed one line

     * Means of setting up regular builds for Malhar on
  === Rationale for Malhar and Apex having separate git and jira ===
- The decision to proposal a single community was taken after a lot of thought, our proposal
is for ASF incubator to enable us to try this out.
  So far we have managed Malhar and Apex as two repos and two jiras. Both code bases are released
under Apache 2.0 and are proposed for incubation. In terms of our vision to enable innovation
around a native YARN data-in-motion that unifies stream processing as well as batch processing
Malhar and Apex go hand in hand. Apex has base API that consists of java api (functional),
and attributes (operability). Malhar is a manifestation of this api, but from user perspective,
Malhar is itself an API to leverage business logic. Over past three years we have found that
the cadence of release and api changes in Malhar is much rapid than Apex and it was operationally
much easier to separate them into their own repos. Two repos will reflect clear separation
of engine (Apex) and operators/business logic (Malhar), and reflect different developer roles.
It will allow or independent release cycles (operator change independent of engine due to
stable API). We however do not believe in two levels of committers. We believe there should
be one community that works across both and innovates with ideas that Malhar and Apex combined
provide the value proposition. We are proposing that Apache incubation process help us to
foster development of one community (mailing list, committers), and a yet be ok with two repos.
We are proposing that this be taken up during incubation. Community will learn if this works.
The decision on whether to split them into two projects be taken after the learning curve
during incubation.
  == Initial Committers ==

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