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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Trivial Update of "ApexProposal" by AmolKekre
Date Tue, 04 Aug 2015 06:09:55 GMT
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The "ApexProposal" page has been changed by AmolKekre:

Added initial goals and current status

  == Abstract ==
  Apex is an enterprise grade native YARN big data-in-motion platform that unifies stream
processing as well as batch processing. Apex processes big data in-motion in a highly scalable,
highly performant, fault tolerant, stateful, secure, distributed, and an easily operable way.
It provides a simple API that enables users to write or re-use generic Java code, thereby
lowering the expertise needed to write big data applications.
@@ -21, +20 @@

  Apex will enable Hadoop eco-system to migrate a lot more use cases. It will enable Hadoop
eco-system to deliver on a promise to rapidly transform current IT infrastructure. Apex will
help in significantly increasing productization of big data projects. One of the main barometer
of success in the Hadoop eco-system is significant reduction of time to market for big data
applications migrating to Hadoop. We believe that Apex will be one of the platforms that will
enable users to extract value from big data, by reducing time to market. This rapid innovation
can be optimally achieved through a vibrant, diverse, self-governed community collectively
innovating around Apex and Malhar library, while at the same time cross-pollinating with various
other big data platforms. ASF is an ideal place to meet this goal.
+ == Initial Goals ==
+ Our initial goals are to bring Apex and Malhar repositories into the ASF, adapt internal
engineering processes to the open development, and foster a collaborative development model
the "Apache Way." DataTorrent plans to develop new functionality in an open, community-driven
way. To get there, the existing internal build, test and release processes will be refactored
to support open development. We already have an active user community on google groups that
we intend to migrate to Apache.
+ == Current Status ==
+ Currently, the project Apex code base is available under Apache 2.0 license (
Project Malhar code base is available under Apache 2.0 license (
Project Malhar was open sourced 2 years ago which should make it easy for the project Malhar
team to adapt to an  open, collaborative, and meritocratic environment. Contributors of Malhar
are employees of DataTorrent or have agreed to the shift to Apache. Project Apex, in contrast,
was developed as a proprietary, closed-source product, but the internal engineering practices
adopted by the development team were common to Malhar, and will should lend themselves well
to an open  environment. DataTorrent plans to execute a software grant agreement as part of
the launch of the incubation of Apex as an Apache project.
+ The DataTorrent team has always focused on building a robust end user community of paying
and non-paying customers. We think that the existing community centered around the existing
google groups mailing list should be relatively easy to transform into an Apache-style community
including both users and developers. 

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