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Subject svn commit: r1681516 - /incubator/public/trunk/content/podlings.xml
Date Sun, 24 May 2015 18:20:48 GMT
Author: stack
Date: Sun May 24 18:20:48 2015
New Revision: 1681516

Added Trafodion podling


Modified: incubator/public/trunk/content/podlings.xml
--- incubator/public/trunk/content/podlings.xml [utf-8] (original)
+++ incubator/public/trunk/content/podlings.xml [utf-8] Sun May 24 18:20:48 2015
@@ -271,7 +271,7 @@ and a set of useful extensions for this
     <podling name="Brooklyn" status="current" resource="brooklyn" sponsor="Incubator"
-        <description>Brooklyn is a framework for modelling, monitoring, and managing
+        <description>Brooklyn is a framework for modelling, monitoring, and managing
         through autonomic blueprints.</description>
         <reporting group="3" />
         <champion availid="chipchilders">Chip Childers</champion>
@@ -1223,7 +1223,7 @@ and a set of useful extensions for this
             <mentor username="lresende">Luciano Resende</mentor>
-    <podling name="NiFi" status="current" resource="nifi" 
+    <podling name="NiFi" status="current" resource="nifi"
              sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2014-11-24">
         <description>NiFi is a dataflow system based on the concepts of flow-based
         <reporting group="2"/>
@@ -1250,7 +1250,7 @@ and a set of useful extensions for this
     <podling name="NPanday" status="retired" resource="npanday" sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2010-08-13"
         <description>NPanday allows projects using the .NET framework to be built with
Apache Maven.</description>
-        <resolution>Retired for lack of activity</resolution> 
+        <resolution>Retired for lack of activity</resolution>
             <mentor username="rbircher">Raphael Bircher</mentor>
             <mentor username="cos">Konstantin Boudnik</mentor>
@@ -1535,7 +1535,7 @@ and a set of useful extensions for this
             <mentor username="yoavs">Yoav Shapira</mentor>
-    <podling name="Ranger" status="current" resource="ranger" 
+    <podling name="Ranger" status="current" resource="ranger"
              sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2014-07-24">
         <description>The Ranger project is a framework to enable, monitor and manage
comprehensive data security across the Hadoop platform.</description>
         <reporting group="3" />
@@ -1898,7 +1898,7 @@ and a set of useful extensions for this
     <podling name="Tajo" status="graduated" resource="tajo" sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2013-03-07"
         <description>Tajo is a distributed data warehouse system for Hadoop.</description>
-        <resolution tlp="true"/>        
+        <resolution tlp="true"/>
         <champion availid="jghoman">Jakob Homan</champion>
             <mentor username="mattmann">Chris Mattmann</mentor>
@@ -2004,6 +2004,19 @@ and a set of useful extensions for this
             <mentor username="niq">Nick Kew</mentor>
+    <podling name="Trafodion" status="current" resource="trafodion" sponsor="Incubator"
+        <description>Trafodion is a webscale SQL-on-Hadoop solution enabling transactional
or operational workloads on Hadoop.</description>
+        <reporting group="3" monthly="true">June, July, August</reporting>
+        <champion availid="stack">Michael Stack</champion>
+        <mentors>
+            <mentor username="apurtell">Andrew Purtell</mentor>
+            <mentor username="ddas">Devaraj Das</mentor>
+            <mentor username="enis">Enis Söztutar</mentor>
+            <mentor username="larsh">Lars Hofhansl</mentor>
+	        <mentor username="stack">Michael Stack</mentor>
+	        <mentor username="rshaposhnik">Roman Shaposhnik</mentor>
+        </mentors>
+    </podling>
     <podling name="Trinidad" status="graduated" resource="trinidad" sponsor="MyFaces"
startdate="2006-03-08" enddate="2007-04-22">
         <description>JSF Component Library</description>
         <resolution url=""/>

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