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Subject svn commit: r1677361 - /incubator/public/trunk/content/projects/asterixdb.xml
Date Sun, 03 May 2015 01:03:18 GMT
Author: tillw
Date: Sun May  3 01:03:18 2015
New Revision: 1677361

update AsterixDB status

- remove instructions
- add link to issue tracker
- add link to Hyracks source repository
- add links to incubation status reports
- remove work items that do not apply


Modified: incubator/public/trunk/content/projects/asterixdb.xml
--- incubator/public/trunk/content/projects/asterixdb.xml [utf-8] (original)
+++ incubator/public/trunk/content/projects/asterixdb.xml [utf-8] Sun May  3 01:03:18 2015
@@ -8,37 +8,6 @@
-<pre>-----8-&lt;---- cut here -------8-&lt;---- cut here -------8-&lt;----
cut here -------8-&lt;----</pre>
-    <section id="Project+Incubation+Status+TEMPLATE">
-      <title>Project Incubation Status TEMPLATE</title>
-      <p>This document is the template for project incubation status.</p>
-      <p>What to do to set it up:</p>
-      <ul>
-        <li>copy this file and name it &lt;projectname&gt;.xml</li>
-        <li>add a section in incubator/content/podlings.xml</li>
-      </ul>
-      <p>For this file:</p>
-      <ul>
-        <li>substitute the XYZ project name with the real one</li>
-        <li>fill in the "Description". 
-        See <a href="">Project
Naming And Descriptions</a>
-        </li>
-        <li>edit "Project info" to contain only effective resources</li>
-        <li>start doing "Incubation work items"</li>
-      </ul>
-      <p>When an "Incubation work item" is done, place the date in the
-         supplied space, and if necessary update "Project info" to reflect
-         changes in resources.</p>
-      <p>There are also sections where to place project news and incubation
-         status reports.</p>
-      <p>
-        <em>On the first edit of this file, please delete this entire section.</em>
-      </p>
-    </section>
-<pre>-----8-&lt;---- cut here -------8-&lt;---- cut here -------8-&lt;----
cut here -------8-&lt;----</pre>
     <section id="Apache+AsterixDB+Incubation+Status">
       <title>Apache AsterixDB Incubation Status</title>
       <p>This page tracks the project status, incubator-wise. For more general
@@ -102,7 +71,7 @@
           <td>Bug tracking</td>
           <td id="tracker">
+            <a href=""></a>
@@ -110,6 +79,8 @@
           <td id="git">
             <a href=""></a>
+            <br/>
+            <a href=""></a>
@@ -267,7 +238,8 @@
     <section id="Incubation+status+reports">
       <title>Incubation status reports</title>
-        <li>none yet</li>
+        <li><a href="">March 2015</a></li>
+        <li><a href="">April 2015</a></li>
     <section id="Incubation+work+items">
@@ -291,17 +263,6 @@
               <td>Make sure that the requested project name does not already exist.
<a href="">Please follow the guide
to ensure a suitable project/product name.</a>. Please see: <a href="">PODLINGNAMESEARCH-70</a>
for the discussion.</td>
-              <td>....-..-..</td>
-              <td>If request from an existing Apache project to adopt an external
-                  package, then ask the Apache project for the SVN module and mail
-                  address names.</td>
-            </tr>
-            <tr>
-              <td>....-..-..</td>
-              <td>If request from outside Apache to enter an existing Apache project,
-                  then post a message to that project for them to decide on acceptance.</td>
-            </tr>
-            <tr>
               <td>If request from anywhere to become a stand-alone PMC, then assess
                   fit with the ASF, and create the lists and modules under the

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