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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "WhimsyProposal" by SamRuby
Date Thu, 23 Apr 2015 17:39:14 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "WhimsyProposal" page has been changed by SamRuby:

New page:
== Abstract ==

Whimsy is a loose collection of tools that help automate various ASF tasks or information
lookup activities.

== Proposal ==

Utilize mailing lists and other ASF infrastructure to expand the development community.

== Background ==

These current tools are stored in svn and deployed on a virtual machine hosted by ASF infrastructure.
 Prime examples:

 * Board agenda tool

 * Secretary workbench

 * Roster tool

There also are a few related tools that are hosted separately.  An example:

 * New account request

== Rationale ==

A few of these tools have become useful enough to the point where people are starting to depend
on them.

== Initial Goals ==

Expand the pool of people who can:

  * Install one or more of these tools on their own machine

  * Make modifications

  * Run tests

  * Commit and deploy the results

== Current Status ==

The board agenda tool has been restructured, accumulated a suite of test cases, and now can
be independently installed in a number of different ways: "natively" or via a Vagrant VM or
via a Docker container.

The status of the remaining tools is not so rosy.  In particular, the existing deployment
instructions are entirely untested.

=== Meritocracy ===

The overwhelming majority of the participants will be people with a long history at the ASF.
 Meritocracy will not be a problem.

=== Community ===

The user community is fairly broad.  The development community, not so much.  That needs to
be fixed.

=== Core Developers ===

At the present time, this is a single individual:

  * Sam Ruby

=== Alignment ===

Almost self evident.  :-) These tools were developed explicitly in support of ASF needs.

== Known Risks ==

=== Orphaned products ===

As these tools are widely used, they are unlikely to become orphaned in he near future.  This
is more of a question of ensuring that others can pick up these tools and make changes.

=== Inexperience with Open Source ===


=== Homogeneous Developers ===

Will revisit when we get a second one.  :-)

=== Reliance on Salaried Developers ===

Historically not a problem.

=== Relationships with Other Apache Products ===

Not so much with projects, per se.  There definitely is a relationship with various ASF offices,
in particular Secretary, Infrastructure, and Board.

=== An Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand ===

Publicity is a non-goal.

== Documentation ==


== Initial Source ==

== Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan ==

All the code in question is already hosted on ASF infrastructure and authored by people with
ICLAs on file.

== External Dependencies ==

Various existing open source projects.  Examples can be found at

== Required Resources ==

=== Mailing lists ===

  * (moderated subscriptions)

=== Repositories ===


=== Issue Tracking ===

Currently whimsy exists as a component in the infra JIRA.  I would like to propose a new JIRA

=== Other Resources ===

== Initial Committers ==

  * Sam Ruby

== Affiliations ==
  * IBM: Sam Ruby

== Sponsors ==

=== Champion ===

Sam Ruby

=== Nominated Mentors ===

  * Sam Ruby

=== Sponsoring Entity ===

ASF Board.  Note: this project is expected to go direct to TLP.  This wiki page is intended
to spark discussion that may influence that path.

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