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Subject svn commit: r1646107 - /incubator/public/trunk/content/podlings.xml
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2014 22:20:51 GMT
Author: sebb
Date: Tue Dec 16 22:20:51 2014
New Revision: 1646107

DeviceMap graduated
Fix order of Lens elements


Modified: incubator/public/trunk/content/podlings.xml
--- incubator/public/trunk/content/podlings.xml [utf-8] (original)
+++ incubator/public/trunk/content/podlings.xml [utf-8] Tue Dec 16 22:20:51 2014
@@ -476,7 +476,7 @@ and a set of useful extensions for this
     <podling name="DeviceMap" status="graduated" resource="devicemap" sponsor="Incubator"
startdate="2012-01-03" enddate="2014-11-19">
         <description>Apache DeviceMap is a data repository containing device information,
images and other relevant information for all sorts of mobile devices, e.g. smartphones and
tablets. While the focus is initially on that data, APIs will also be created to use and manage
-        <reporting group="1"/>
+        <resolution tlp="true"/>
         <champion availid="bdelacretaz">Bertrand Delacretaz</champion>
             <mentor username="bdelacretaz">Bertrand Delacretaz</mentor>
@@ -958,8 +958,8 @@ and a set of useful extensions for this
     <podling name="Lens" status="current" resource="lens" sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2014-10-10"
-        <reporting group="1" monthly="true"/>
         <description>Lens is a platform that enables multi-dimensional queries in a
unified way over datasets stored in multiple warehouses. Lens integrates Apache Hive with
other data warehouses by tiering them together to form logical data cubes.</description>
+        <reporting group="1" monthly="true"/>
         <champion availid="vinodkv">Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli</champion>
             <mentor username="cdouglas">Christopher Douglas</mentor>

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