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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "TavernaProposal" by StianSoilandReyes
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2014 16:19:46 GMT
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The "TavernaProposal" page has been changed by StianSoilandReyes:

  '''Contributor: '''Andy Seaborne (Apache foundation)
- '''Published: '''2014-09-23''''''
+ '''Published: '''2014-09-23 ([[|Originally
published]] in Taverna wiki)
- ''''''''''''
  === Abstract ===
  Taverna is an open source and domain-independent suite of tools used to design and execute
data-driven workflows.
@@ -27, +27 @@

  === Background ===
  Taverna ''workflows''  coordinate inputs and outputs between computational processes and
Web  services. The workflow is designed in a graphical interface which shows  the workflow
as a series of boxes connected with arrows representing  processes (i.e. executable services)
and their data connections.  Different ''processes'' in a workflow can be command line tools,
REST and WSDL ''Web services'';  which are used for combining steps such as data acquisition,
filtering,  cleaning, integrating, analysis and visualization. Taverna calls these  processes
''"services''", as they generally are provided by remote (third-party) servers.These kind
of computational workflows, also known as ''pipelines'' or ''dataflows,'' focus on the movement
of data rather than the execution order of the underlying processes. Features such as ''implicit''
''iterations'' (where an input list of values causes multiple process executions) and ''parallel
invocations''  (independent processes are executed as soon as their data is available)  are
intrinsic to a dataflow system, not requiring any particular  constructs by the workflow designer.As
a ''visual programming environment'',  workflows aids collaboration and reuse of workflows.
At the highest  level, a workflow represents the conceptual level of an analysis,  allowing
understanding, discussion and communication of the overall  analysis protocol. More detail
can be revealed and modified for  individual steps. At the individual process level, the workflow
defines  execution specifics such as operations, parameters and command line  tools.Sharing
of the workflow definitions allows re-use and re-purposing of the computational analysis.
During workflow execution, ''provenance'' can be collected from every step, allowing deep
inspection of intermediate values for the purpose of debugging and validation.
  === Rationale ===
  There  is a strong need to lower the barrier of entry to datasets and  computational resources
widely available on the Internet, to increase  their use by researchers who understand the
computational steps needed  to produce their results, but who are not necessarily expert 
programmers. Taverna has already shown its success and popularity in a  wide range of scientific
@@ -64, +65 @@

  Taverna's  developer community have unfortunately not had a culture of submitting  patches
that would warrant later commit access - perhaps due to its  background in the science community.
However contributors have been  added as committers when the plugin becomes a part of the
core  distribution (e.g. External Tool plugin by Möller and Krabbenhöft and  AstroTaverna
by Garrido), or when their development has required patches  to the existing code base.
  ==== Community ====
- Taverna  has an active community of plug-in developers and users. The developer  mailing
list ( has 248 members,  the user mailing list (
has 370  members.
+ Taverna  has an active community of plug-in developers and users. The developer  mailing
list ( ) has 248 members,  the user mailing list (
) has 370  members.
  1500 users have registered as of 19 August 2014. Total  downloads of all products since
version 2.1 (released December 2009) is  35000.
@@ -89, +90 @@

  ==== Alignment ====
  [[|Taverna dependencies]]
 include Apache Commons, Axis, Abdera, Batik, CXF, Derby, Felix,  HttpComponents, Jena, log4j,
Maven, POI, Velocity, Xerces, XMLBeans,  Xalan, We use Tomcat for testing and deployment of
the Taverna Server.As part of moving to Apache-compatible dependencies, Taverna will probably
adopt OpenJPA to replace (LGPL) Hibernate.
  === Known Risks ===
  ==== Orphaned products ====
  Most  of the core developers are from the myGrid team at the University of  Manchester,
but are funded through a series of projects - see  Many
of these projects incorporate Taverna, so the effort from  Manchester is partially based on
direct project requirements, but also  partially on a volunteer effort for project maintenance
and general  development. The myGrid team has guaranteed funding until 2017.
@@ -186, +188 @@

  ==== Mailing lists ====
  Existing mailing lists for Taverna are hosted at Sourceforge with archives at markmail.
-  *  (replacing
+  *  (replacing )
   * (replacing - to a lesser degree
as we would want to encourage openness)
-  * (replacing, 240
+  * (replacing , 240
-  * (replacing, 370
+  * (replacing , 370
  ==== Git repositories ====
  The  Taverna community would prefer to keep using git and Github, and we  would request
for experimental writable git repositories with mirroring
to Github.
@@ -213, +215 @@

  === Initial Committers ===
  The initial list of committers reflect the current list of active developers at the Github
team: (Note that not all of these have made their membership
public on Github)
- ||<tableclass="confluenceTable"class="confluenceTh"> ||<class="confluenceTh">
||<class="confluenceTh">Apache CLA?||
+ ||<tableclass="confluenceTable"class="confluenceTh"> ||<class="confluenceTh">
||<class="confluenceTh">Apache CLA? ||
- ||<class="confluenceTd">Alan R Williams||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
+ ||<class="confluenceTd">Alan R Williams ||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
- ||<class="confluenceTd">Aleksandra Nenadic||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
+ ||<class="confluenceTd">Aleksandra Nenadic ||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
- ||<class="confluenceTd">Christian Y. Brenninkmeijer||<class="confluenceTd"> ||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
+ ||<class="confluenceTd">Christian Y. Brenninkmeijer ||<class="confluenceTd"> ||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
- ||<class="confluenceTd">David Withers||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
+ ||<class="confluenceTd">David Withers ||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
  ||<class="confluenceTd">Dmitriy Repchevsky ||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
- ||<class="confluenceTd">Donal K. Fellows||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
+ ||<class="confluenceTd">Donal K. Fellows ||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
- ||<class="confluenceTd">Finn Bacall||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
+ ||<class="confluenceTd">Finn Bacall ||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
- ||<class="confluenceTd">Hajo Nils Krabbenhöft||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
+ ||<class="confluenceTd">Hajo Nils Krabbenhöft ||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
- ||<class="confluenceTd">Ian Dunlop||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
+ ||<class="confluenceTd">Ian Dunlop ||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
- ||<class="confluenceTd">Ingo Wassink||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
+ ||<class="confluenceTd">Ingo Wassink ||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
- ||<class="confluenceTd">Julián Garrido||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
+ ||<class="confluenceTd">Julián Garrido ||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
- ||<class="confluenceTd">Mark Wilkinson||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
+ ||<class="confluenceTd">Mark Wilkinson ||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
- ||<class="confluenceTd">Luke McCarthy||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
+ ||<class="confluenceTd">Luke McCarthy ||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
- ||<class="confluenceTd">Robert Haines||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
+ ||<class="confluenceTd">Robert Haines ||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
- ||<class="confluenceTd">Shoaib Sufi||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
+ ||<class="confluenceTd">Shoaib Sufi ||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
- ||<class="confluenceTd">Steffen Möller||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
+ ||<class="confluenceTd">Steffen Möller ||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
- ||<class="confluenceTd">Stian Soiland-Reyes||<class="confluenceTd">
+ ||<class="confluenceTd">Stian Soiland-Reyes ||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd">Signed ||
- ||<class="confluenceTd">Stuart Owen||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
+ ||<class="confluenceTd">Stuart Owen ||<class="confluenceTd">
||<class="confluenceTd"> ||
  In  addition to the Core Team (mentioned earlier), this list also reflects  Taverna's existing
meritocracy as it includes plugin developers whose  contributions have been merged into the
main code base. We acknowledge  that not all of these are likely to continue as "Core" developers,
but  would like to encourage that during the Incubating process.

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