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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "Fleece" by RomainMannibucau
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2014 06:57:34 GMT
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The "Fleece" page has been changed by RomainMannibucau:

New page:
= Apache Fleece Proposal =
== Abstract ==
Apache Fleece is an implementation of JSR-353 (JavaTM API for JSON Processing).

== Proposal ==
Apache  Fleece will consist of a number of modules. Mainly an implementation of JSR-353 but
also a set of usefule modules to help with the usage of JSR-353 (surely a mapping module and
a jaxrs provider module).

== Background ==
JSon being more and more important JavaEE 7 specified an API to read and create JSon objects/arrays.

Apache Fleece builds on this specification a potential base to do Json at Apache (hopefully
it will be integrated with CXF for instance).

== Rationale ==
There is not yet a Json related project at Apache but a lot of projects rely on some specific
implementions (jettison, jackson, others...). Proposing a default would be great. The other
point is a set of Apache projects related to JavaEE (CXF, TomEE, Geronimo, Axis2...) will
need an implementation. Having one built at Apache is a really nice to have.

== Initial Goals ==
The initial goal of the Apache Fleece project is to get a JSR-353 compliant implementation

== Current Status ==
Initial codebase was developped on github but designed to be integrated in Apache.

=== Meritocracy ===
Initial community will be mainly composed of already Apache committers so meritocracy is already
something well known.

=== Community ===
Initial community will be composed of TomEE community for sure, hopefully CXF and potentially
all JSon users of Apache.

=== Initial committers ===
 * Romain Manni-Bucau (individual, ASF)
 * Jean-Louis Monteiro (individual, ASF)
 * Mark Struberg (individual, ASF member)
 * Gerhard Petracek (individual, ASF member)
 * David Blevins (individual, ASF member)
 * Sagara Gunathunga (ASF)

=== Alignment ===
Several Apache project will need a JSR-353 implementation. Having a project which can be shared
is better than having a sub project of a particular project. Moreover this project makes sense
"alone" since users can integrate it without any other dependencies and use it to read/generate
Json in their project so it makes sense to create a dedicated project.

== Known Risks ==
Main risk is to get a not so active project since the specification is not that big.

== Documentation ==
There is no documentation to import today but it will be created using standard ASF tools
(ASF CMS mainly).

== Initial Source ==
Initial sources are on this git repository:

== Source and IP Submission Plan ==
Initial sources are under Apache license v2.

Side note: it was really developed to be integrated in this project (without waiting it to
be created).

== Required Resources ==
=== Mailing Lists ===

=== Version Control ===
It  is proposed that the source code for the Apache Fleece project be  hosted in the Apache
Git repository, under the following directory:

 * incubator/fleece/

=== Issue Tracking ===
The following JIRA project would be required to track issues for the Apache Fleece project:


== Initial Committers ==
 * Romain Manni-Bucau
 * Jean-Louis Monteiro
 * Mark Struberg
 * Gerhard Petracek
 * David Blevins

== Sponsors ==
=== Champion ===
 * Mark Struberg

=== Nominated Mentors ===
 * Justin Mclean
 * Christian Grobmeier

== Project Name ==
While ''Json''  is intended to be used as the project’s code name during the incubation
 process, it is intended that we will solicit suggestions from the  greater community for
a more suitable name before it becomes a top level  project at Apache.

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