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Subject svn commit: r896666 - in /websites/staging/incubator/trunk/content: ./ ip-clearance/phoenix.html report-next-month.html
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2014 19:13:50 GMT
Author: buildbot
Date: Thu Feb  6 19:13:49 2014
New Revision: 896666

Staging update by buildbot for incubator

    websites/staging/incubator/trunk/content/   (props changed)

Propchange: websites/staging/incubator/trunk/content/
--- cms:source-revision (original)
+++ cms:source-revision Thu Feb  6 19:13:49 2014
@@ -1 +1 @@

Modified: websites/staging/incubator/trunk/content/ip-clearance/phoenix.html
--- websites/staging/incubator/trunk/content/ip-clearance/phoenix.html (original)
+++ websites/staging/incubator/trunk/content/ip-clearance/phoenix.html Thu Feb  6 19:13:49
@@ -106,103 +106,7 @@
    <div class="span12">
-            <h2 id='Phoenix+IP+Clearance'><img src="../images/redarrow.gif" />Codebase
IP Clearance TEMPLATE</h2>
-<div class="section-content">
-<pre>-----8-&lt;---- cut here -------8-&lt;---- cut here -------8-&lt;----
cut here-------8-&lt;----</pre>
-<h3 id='premable'>Preamble</h3>
-<div class="section-content">
-This is code for the Phoenix, an open source SQL query engine for Apache HBase.
-Phoenix was previously licensed under Apache License 2.0.  It hbase been
-granted to the ASF.
-<h3 id='process'>Process</h3>
-<div class="section-content">
-            <li>
-IP Clearance processing must be executed either by an Officer
-or a Member of the ASF. <em>If you are not an Officer or a Member,
-please contact your project chair who will find an appropriate
-volunteer.</em> Incubator karma is also required. Please request
-karma from the incubator pmc if you do not have it.
-            </li>
-            <li>
-(Optional) <em>Commit an outline <a href="#form-filling">form</a>,
-filling those parts which can be (at this stage)</em>.
-            </li>
-            <li>
-A software grant must be provided to the ASF. This grant can either be
-done by the ASF Corporate CLA (via Schedule B) or the traditional
-License Agreement. Acceptable methods of sending the grant to the
-ASF includes:
-<li>snail-mail to the ASF office and/or ASF officer</li>
-<li>FAXing to the ASF office and/or an ASF officer</li>
-<li>Emailing the scanned document to
-   <em>and</em></li>
- </ul>
-            </li>
-            <li>
-Receipt of the software grant form <strong>must</strong> be acknowledged
-by an Officer of the ASF by recording in the correct file (<em>grants.txt</em>
for a License Grant
-or <em>cclas.txt</em> for a Corporate CLA). In most normal circumstances,
-the officer should be the ASF Secretary, who must be provided a copy of
-the grant or CCLA in any case (if not originally sent or Emailed
-to him).
-            </li>
-            <li>
-<strong>Note:</strong> the grant form <strong>must</strong> be acknowledged
-before continuing. If the source is referenced by checksum in the grant,
-commit the canonical tarball for the donated code into the incubator
-drop area (/repos/asf/incubator/donations) together with a checksum
-and a detached signature. This will ensure that apache has a legal record of
-the grant.
-            </li>
-            <li>
-Complete and commit the <a href="#form-filling">completed form</a>.
-            </li>
-            <li>
-Post a message to general@incubator prefixed [IP CLEARANCE] asking for
-clearance to be checked. Sign off is by lazy consensus so wait at least
-72 hours for a -1.
-            </li>
-            <li>
-Post a [RESULT] to close the thread and let the project know that the
-code has been cleared for import.
-            </li>
-          </ol>
-<h3 id='form-filling'>Filling The Form</h3>
-<div class="section-content">
-<p>What to do to set it up:</p>
-        <li>copy this file and re-name it according to
-        <li>add a row to the table at
-        <li>make a snapshot of the source code available for review</li>
-      </ul>
-<p>The snapshot should not last long in place before it is moved to the
-successful incubation area. The sole purpose is to ensure that IP is
-cleared so that the codebase can be merged into the ASF SVN.</p>
-<p>For this file:</p>
-        <li>substitute the XYZ name with the real one</li>
-        <li>fill in the description</li>
-        <li>fill in the work items</li>
-        <li>remove this notice</li>
-        <li>set a proper "title" element for the html page</li>
-      </ul>
-<p>When a work item is done, place the date in the supplied space.</p>
-<p><em>On the first edit of this file, please delete this notice.</em></p>
-<pre>-----8-&lt;---- cut here -------8-&lt;---- cut here -------8-&lt;----
cut here-------8-&lt;----</pre>
-        <h2 id='Phoenix+Codebase+Intellectual+Property+%28IP%29+Clearance+Status'><img
src="../images/redarrow.gif" />Phoenix Codebase Intellectual Property (IP) Clearance Status</h2>
-<div class="section-content">
-        <h2 id='Description'><img src="../images/redarrow.gif" />Description</h2>
+            <h2 id='Description'><img src="../images/redarrow.gif" />Description</h2>
 <div class="section-content">
 Phoenix is an open source SQL query engine for Apache HBase, a NoSQL data store. It is accessed
as a JDBC driver and enables querying and managing HBase tables using SQL.
@@ -211,7 +115,7 @@ Phoenix is an open source SQL query engi
         <h2 id='Project+info'><img src="../images/redarrow.gif" />Project info</h2>
 <div class="section-content">
-        <li>Which PMC will be responsible for the code: Phoenix (incubating)</li>
+        <li>Which PMC will be responsible for the code: Phoenix (incubating) PMC</li>
         <li>Into which existing project/module: Phoenix (incubating)</li>
@@ -249,7 +153,7 @@ These are the two github URLs that were 
               <td>Grant ack'd by James Carmen, Apache Secretary</td>
-              <td>....-..-..</td>
+              <td>2014-02-06</td>
               <td>Check and make sure that the files that have been donated
                   have been updated to reflect the new ASF copyright.</td>
@@ -314,9 +218,11 @@ Salesforce
 Related VOTEs:
-          <li>TODO: <em>The VOTE thread accepting the donation may happen either
-before or after IP clearance. Adoption by lazy concensus is acceptable but
-not recommended.</em></li>
+          <li>The VOTE thread accepting the donation is up on the dev
+mailing list for phoenix: 
+with title "VOTE: Accept the software grant by Salesforce".

Modified: websites/staging/incubator/trunk/content/report-next-month.html
--- websites/staging/incubator/trunk/content/report-next-month.html (original)
+++ websites/staging/incubator/trunk/content/report-next-month.html Thu Feb  6 19:13:49 2014
@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@
 <a href="">Apache Incubator</a> Podlings needing to
prepare report for March</h1>
 <div style="text-align:right;">
-<i>Generated on 2014-02-06T18:57:17Z</i>
+<i>Generated on 2014-02-06T19:13:39Z</i>

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