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Subject svn commit: r894810 - in /websites/staging/incubator/trunk/content: ./ projects/tajo.html report-next-month.html
Date Mon, 20 Jan 2014 03:56:10 GMT
Author: buildbot
Date: Mon Jan 20 03:56:10 2014
New Revision: 894810

Staging update by buildbot for incubator

    websites/staging/incubator/trunk/content/   (props changed)

Propchange: websites/staging/incubator/trunk/content/
--- cms:source-revision (original)
+++ cms:source-revision Mon Jan 20 03:56:10 2014
@@ -1 +1 @@

Modified: websites/staging/incubator/trunk/content/projects/tajo.html
--- websites/staging/incubator/trunk/content/projects/tajo.html (original)
+++ websites/staging/incubator/trunk/content/projects/tajo.html Mon Jan 20 03:56:10 2014
@@ -125,11 +125,10 @@
         <h2 id='Project+info'><img src="../images/redarrow.gif" />Project info</h2>
 <div class="section-content">
-        <li>link to the main website</li>
+        <li><a href="">link to the main website</a></li>
-        <li>link to the page(s) that tell how to participate (Website,Mailing
-            lists,Bug tracking,Source code)</li>
+        <li>link to the page(s) that tell how to participate (<a href="">Website</a>,<a
href="">Mailing lists</a>,<a href="">Bug
tracking</a>,<a href="">Source
         <li>link to the project status file (Committers,non-incubation action
@@ -178,7 +177,7 @@
           <td>Source code</td>
           <td id="git">
-            <a href=""></a>
+            <a href=""></a>
@@ -267,7 +266,7 @@
-              <td>....-..-..</td>
+              <td>2013-10-04</td>
               <td>Make sure that the requested project name does not already exist
                   check to be sure that the name is not already
                   trademarked for an existing software product.</td>
@@ -284,7 +283,7 @@
                   then post a message to that project for them to decide on acceptance.</td>
-              <td>....-..-..</td>
+              <td>2013-03-11</td>
               <td>If request from anywhere to become a stand-alone PMC, then assess
                   fit with the ASF, and create the lists and modules under the
                   incubator address/module names if accepted.</td>
@@ -338,13 +337,13 @@
               <td>Subscribe all Mentors on the pmc and general lists.</td>
-              <td>....-..-..</td>
+              <td>2013-03-14</td>
               <td>Give all Mentors access to the incubator SVN repository. 
                 (to be done by the Incubator PMC chair or an Incubator PMC
                 Member wih karma for the authorizations file)</td>
-              <td>....-..-..</td>
+              <td>2014-01-19</td>
               <td>Tell Mentors to track progress in the file
@@ -358,14 +357,14 @@
-              <td>....-..-..</td>
+              <td>2013-03-04</td>
               <td>Check and make sure that the papers that transfer rights to the ASF
                   been received. It is only necessary to transfer rights for the
                   package, the core code, and any new code produced by the project.
-              <td>....-..-..</td>
+              <td>2014-01-09</td>
               <td>Check and make sure that the files that have been donated have been
                   updated to reflect the new ASF copyright.</td>

Modified: websites/staging/incubator/trunk/content/report-next-month.html
--- websites/staging/incubator/trunk/content/report-next-month.html (original)
+++ websites/staging/incubator/trunk/content/report-next-month.html Mon Jan 20 03:56:10 2014
@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@
 <a href="">Apache Incubator</a> Podlings needing to
prepare report for February</h1>
 <div style="text-align:right;">
-<i>Generated on 2014-01-17T18:10:12Z</i>
+<i>Generated on 2014-01-20T03:55:05Z</i>

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