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Subject svn commit: r1499177 - /incubator/public/trunk/content/guides/mentor.xml
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2013 02:09:18 GMT
Author: marvin
Date: Wed Jul  3 02:09:18 2013
New Revision: 1499177

Remove "IPMC Member" from Mentor glossary per mailing list discussion on


Modified: incubator/public/trunk/content/guides/mentor.xml
--- incubator/public/trunk/content/guides/mentor.xml [utf-8] (original)
+++ incubator/public/trunk/content/guides/mentor.xml [utf-8] Wed Jul  3 02:09:18 2013
@@ -203,12 +203,12 @@ is actioned.
       <li>Ensure <a href='#mentors-ipmc'>Mentors are on the IPMC</a>[<code>Mentors</code>]</li>
-      <li>Add podling to <a href='#Sending+in+an+Incubation+Report'>reporting
schedule</a> [<code><a href='#who-ipmc'>IPMC member</a></code>]</li>
-      <li><a href='#Initialize+Podling+Status+Page'>Initialize project status
page</a> [<code><a href='#who-ipmc'>IPMC member</a></code>]</li>
+      <li>Add podling to <a href='#Sending+in+an+Incubation+Report'>reporting
schedule</a> [<code>IPMC member</code>]</li>
+      <li><a href='#Initialize+Podling+Status+Page'>Initialize project status
page</a> [<code>IPMC member</code>]</li>
       <li>Start <a href='#orientation'>orientation</a> [<code><a
href='#who-committers'>Prospective committers</a></code>]</li>
       <li>Start <code>CLA</code> and <code>CCLA</code> submission
[<code><a href='#who-committers'>Prospective committers</a></code>]</li>
       <li>Start <a href='#initial-ip-clearance'>IP Clearance</a> 
-          [<code><a href='#who-ipmc'>IPMC member</a></code>]</li>
+          [<code>IPMC member</code>]</li>
       <li>Request Required Resources
         <li><a href='#request-mailing-lists'>Mailing Lists</a> [<a href='#who-infra'>Infrastructure
@@ -216,7 +216,7 @@ is actioned.
             <li>Consider and plan <a href='#transition-mailing-lists'>transition
to official mailing lists</a></li>
-        <li><a href='#Set+Up+Repository'>Subversion</a> [<a href='#who-ipmc'>IPMC</a>]</li>
+        <li><a href='#Set+Up+Repository'>Subversion</a> [IPMC]</li>
         <li><a href='#request-issue-tracking'>Issue Tracking</a> [<a
href='#who-infra'>Infrastructure Team</a>]
             <li>Consider and plan <a href='#issue-tracking-transition'>issue
tracking transition</a></li>
@@ -758,18 +758,6 @@ for links to commercial activity.
-    <section id='who-ipmc'><title>IPMC Member</title>
-      <p>
-      All activities of incubated projects are supervised by the Incubator Project Management
Committee, or IPMC. 
-      Releases and new committers of incubated projects must be approved by vote of the IPMC.
-      Incubated project mentors must be IPMC members. Any member of the Apache Software Foundation
-      may join the IPMC by request. The committee may also grant membership to others by
vote; typically,
-      this allows a PMC member of some other project to serve as a mentor.
-      </p>
-      <p>
-      Tasks which require IPMC karma are typically performed by a Mentor.
-      </p>
-    </section>
     <section id='who-infra'><title>Infrastructure Team</title>
       Tasks that cannot safely be delegated to projects are handled by the Apache

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