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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "jamespruett" by jamespruett
Date Fri, 24 May 2013 14:28:44 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "jamespruett" page has been changed by jamespruett:

  AIFTTT is a notification system with flexible triggers such as, "if wind>30mph", "twitter
- '''Motivation'''
+ '''Proposal'''
- Ifttt is a notification service.
+ aIfttt is an open source notification service 
  [[|if this then that]] It will call you if the weather changes, twitter
  you if a stock rises, or any "IF-THIS-THEN-THAT" type scenario.
- '''My Reason for approaching Apache'''
+ '''Background'''
+ Ifttt website exists, but is private, not available for corporate use. 
+ '''Rationale'''
+ My company needs flexible messaging. Currently we send emails. Specifically for customer
changes, we 
- My company sends emails internally to sales to notify them of customer changes.
+ send email internally to notify sales of customer changes.
- I send hundreds of emails per day to our salesmen. The recipients want "different" information.
- They also want social notifications, or Blackberry notifications, Pebble notifications.

+ AIFTTT allows flexible notifications with "different" information.
+ This gives them more control over exactly what information they want, not at the mercy of
the provider.
- '''Why is this a useful service?'''
+ '''Current Status'''
+ '''Meritocracy'''
+ We need to strongly encourage the community to help with and contribute to the code. We
will actively seek
+ potential committers and help them become familiar with the codebase.
  1. This speeds up news alerts. Polling is replaced by real-time events.
  2. Creates a community of Trigger-Happy contributors, creating links between services.
- 3. Being an Apache project removes licensing and privacy concerns for companies using this.
+ 3. Being an Apache project removes privacy concerns for companies using this.
- '''What could the project be called?'''
- Perhaps it could be called aIFTTT.
  '''How would it be used?'''
@@ -42, +49 @@

  Responses include:
  Email notifications, twitter notifications, phone, car nav updates.
- '''Why do it on Apache?'''
- My company would use aIFTTT if it were an Apache project, probably not so if it were just
a say sourceforge or codeplex project.
- Definitely not if we had to license it from ifttt.

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