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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "MRQLProposal" by LeonidasFegaras
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2013 18:20:58 GMT
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The "MRQLProposal" page has been changed by LeonidasFegaras:

created initial MRQL proposal

New page:
= Abstract =

MRQL (pronounced ''miracle'') is a query processing and optimization system for large-scale,
distributed data analysis, built on top of Apache Hadoop and Hama.

MRQL (the MapReduce Query Language) is an SQL-like query language for large-scale data analysis
on a computer cluster. The MRQL query processing system can execute MRQL queries in two modes:
using the MapReduce framework on Apache Hadoop or using the Bulk Synchronous Parallel (BSP)
framework on Apache Hama. The MRQL query language is powerful enough to express most common
data analysis tasks over many forms of raw data, such as XML and JSON documents, binary files,
and line-oriented text documents with comma-separated values. In contrast to standard SQL,
MRQL supports a richer data model (including nested collections), arbitrary query nesting,
and user-defined types and functions. MRQL is more powerful than other current high-level
MapReduce languages, such as Hive and Pig Latin, since it can operate on more complex data
and supports more powerful query constructs, thus eliminating the need for using explicit
map-reduce code. With MRQL, users will be able to express complex data analysis tasks, such
as pagerank, k-means clustering, matrix factorization, etc, using declarative queries only,
while the MRQL query processing system will be able to compile these queries to efficient
Java code.

= Proposal =

= Background =

= Rationale =

= Current Status =

== Meritocracy ==

== Community ==

== Core Developers ==

== Alignment ==

= Known Risks =

== Orphaned Products ==

== Inexperience with Open Source ==

== Homogeneous Developers ==

== Reliance on Salaried Developers ==

== Relationships with Other Apache Products ==

== An Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand ==

= Documentation =

More information at:
[[|MRQL: an Optimization Framework for Map-Reduce Queries]]

= Initial Source =


= External Dependencies =

= Cryptography =

Not applicable.

= Required Resources =

== Mailing Lists ==

== Subversion Directory ==

== Issue Tracking ==

== Other Resources ==

= Initial Committers =

 * Leonidas Fegaras
 * Edward J. Yoon
 * Maqsood Alam

= Affiliations =

 * Leonidas Fegaras (University of Texas at Arlington)
 * Edward J. Yoon (Oracle corp)
 * Maqsood Alam (Oracle corp)

= Sponsors =

== Champion ==

Edward J. Yoon

== Nominated Mentors ==

== Sponsoring Entity ==

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