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Subject svn commit: r1433146 - /incubator/public/branches/license_howto/licensing_howto.mdtext
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2013 21:35:52 GMT
Author: marvin
Date: Mon Jan 14 21:35:52 2013
New Revision: 1433146

Whitelist only BSD, MIT and ALv2.

Limit guidance with regards to NOTICE to only the subset of licenses
whose impact on NOTICE is well established.

Add links to the "Category A" license list and ASF legal's note on
"asking questions".


Modified: incubator/public/branches/license_howto/licensing_howto.mdtext
--- incubator/public/branches/license_howto/licensing_howto.mdtext (original)
+++ incubator/public/branches/license_howto/licensing_howto.mdtext Mon Jan 14 21:35:52 2013
@@ -56,28 +56,8 @@ Bundling a dependency which is issued un
 straightforward, assuming that said license applies uniformly to all files
 within the dependency:
-*   BSD (without advertising clause). Including variants:
-    *   DOM4J License
+*   BSD (without advertising clause)
 *   MIT/X11
-*   ICU
-*   University of Illinois/NCSA
-*   W3C Software License
-*   X.Net
-*   zlib/libpng
-*   FSF autoconf license
-*   DejaVu Fonts (Bitstream Vera/Arev licenses)
-*   Academic Free License 3.0
-*   Service+Component+Architecture+Specifications
-*   OOXML XSD ECMA License
-*   Microsoft Public License (MsPL)
-*   Creative Commons Attribution (CC-A)
-*   Creative Commons Copyright-Only Dedication
-*   Python Software Foundation License
-*   Adobe Postcript(R) AFM files
-*   Boost Software License Version 1.0
-*   Eclipse Distribution License 1.0
-*   License for CERN packages in COLT but note that this applies only to CERN
-    packages in COLT and not others
 In `LICENSE`, add a pointer to the dependency's location within the source tree
 and a short note summarizing its licensing:
@@ -87,12 +67,16 @@ and a short note summarizing its licensi
 Under normal circumstances, there is no need to modify `NOTICE`.
+There are a number of other "permissive" licenses which are
+[approved]( for use
+by the ASF Legal Affairs Committee.  Some of these may require additions to
+`NOTICE` -- if in doubt,
 (TODO: Clarify with Roy that this "pointer" text satisfies his intent.)
 (TODO: Ensure that pointers suffice for binary distributions.)
-(TODO: Verify that guidance is accurate for each license in the list.)
 Bundling an Apache-2.0-licensed Dependency
@@ -114,7 +98,7 @@ Modifications to NOTICE
 Aside from Apache-licensed dependencies which supply `NOTICE` files of their
-own, it is rare for a dependency to require additions to `NOTICE`.  `NOTICE`
+own, it is uncommon for a dependency to require additions to `NOTICE`.  `NOTICE`
 is reserved for a certain subset of legally required notifications which are
 not satisfied by either the text of `LICENSE` or the presence of licensing
 information embedded within the dependency subtree.  Elements such as the

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