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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "ClimateProposal" by ChrisMattmann
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2012 20:05:35 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "ClimateProposal" page has been changed by ChrisMattmann:

- stub CLIMATE toolkit proposal. May change name.

New page:
= CLIMATE Toolkit, tool for scalable comparison of remote sensing observations to climate
model outputs, regionally and globally. =
=== Abstract ===
CLIMATE is based on, and we will bring it to Apache because, and this is important why.


=== Proposal ===
What is CLIMATE, and what are we proposing to do?

=== Background ===
Where did CLIMATE come from?

=== Rationale ===
Why bring JPL RCMES and CDX?
  - collaborate with CORDEX scientific software development.
  - Deliver to US National Climate Assessment
  - Deliver to CORDEX
  - Deliver to the IPCC 6th report and future analyses
  - Standardize and share software that is disparate (develop a "du jour" standard)

=== Initial Goals ===
The initial goals of the proposed project are:

 * Stand up a sustaining Apache-based community around the JPL RCMES and CDX codebases.
 * Active relationships and possible cooperation with related projects and communities.
 * more.

== Current Status ==
=== Meritocracy ===
Most of the proposed initial committers are familiar with the meritocracy principles of Apache...say
=== Community ===
There is an existing, established community of developers and users of CLIMATE -- say more.

=== Core Developers ===
The initial set of developers comes from NASA, ESGF, Universities (Cape Town, Free Univ. Berlin),
NSF/UCLA, and is international. Say more here.

=== Alignment ===
CLIMATE aligns with:
  U.S. National Climate Assessment
  CORDEX Projects
  Other efforts, including the Earth System Grid Federation
  UCT CIP portal

== Known Risks ==
=== Orphaned products ===
CLIMATE effort:
  CDX internal JPL funding 2009-2011
  RCMES current NASA AIST funding and CMAC funding
  RCMES funding from the U.S. National Climate Assessment and from the National Science Foundation

=== Inexperience with Open Source ===
All the initial developers have worked on open source before -- build this up.

=== Homogenous Developers ===
The initial developers come from a variety of backgrounds and with a variety of needs for
the proposed framework.

=== Reliance on Salaried Developers ===
All of the proposed initial developers are paid to work on this or related projects, but the
proposed project is not the primary task for anyone.

=== Relationships with Other Apache Products ===

=== A Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand ===
All of us are familiar with Apache and have a respect for its brand and community. Talk more
about this.

== Documentation ==
Link to RCMES and CDX sites.
Link to OODT stuff.

Standards and conventions related to CLIMATE include: TBD

== Initial Source ==
CLIMATE will start with seed code donated by NASA JPL via Mattmann and the rest of the initial
committers, which consists of the Regional Climate Model Evaluation System (RCMES) toolkit,
and the Climate Data eXchange (CDX) software.

== Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan ==
All seed code and other contributions will be handled through the normal Apache contribution
process. Mattmann has been authorized by NASA JPL to lead the contribution of RCMES and CDX
into the Incubator via his existing Apache CLA.

We will also contact other related efforts for possible cooperation and contributions.

== External Dependencies ==
CLIMATE depends on a number of external connector libraries with various licensing conditions.
An initial list of such dependencies (TBD) is shown below.
||<tableclass="bodyTable"rowclass="b">'''Library''' ||'''License''' ||
||<rowclass="b">commons-codec ||AL v2 ||
||<rowclass="a">commons-dbcp ||AL v2 ||
||<rowclass="b">commons-httpclient ||AL v2 ||

** Figure this out

== Cryptography ==
CLIMATE itself will not use cryptography, but it is possible that some of the external product
or profile server or libraries will include cryptographic code to handle features present
in various science data formats. The current RCMES code base relies on TBD which contains
an export control statement regarding cryptographic code per Apache policy. We will follow
a similar approach with CLMATE. Mattmann led this effort in [[|Apache
Nutch]] and saw Jukka Zitting lead this effort in Apache Tika, so he is familiar with this

== Required Resources ==
Mailing lists


Subversion Directory


Issue Tracking


Other Resources

 * Review Board instance - CLIMATE
 * Jenkins instance - CLIMATE

== Initial Committers ==
||'''Name''' ||'''Email''' ||'''Affiliation''' ||'''CLA''' ||
||Chris A. Mattmann ||mattmann at apache dot org ||[[|NASA Jet Propulsion
Laboratory]] ||yes ||
||Cameron E. Goodale ||cgoodale at apache dot org ||[[|NASA Jet Propulsion
Laboratory]] ||yes ||
||Paul Ramirez ||pramirez at apache dog org ||[[|NASA Jet Propulsion
Laboratory]] ||yes ||
||Andrew F. Hart ||ahart at apache dot org ||[[|NASA Jet Propulsion
Laboratory]] ||yes ||

TODO: add Jinwon Kim, Duane Waliser, Kyo Lee, Crichton, Paul Loikith, Kim Whitehall, Paul
TODO: add Chris Jack - Univ. Cape Town, Bruce Hewitson - Univ. Cape Town, Lluis Fita Borrell
<>, Estani Gonzalez, Luca Cinquini
TODO: add others

== Sponsors ==

 * Chris Mattmann (mattmann at apache dot org)

Nominated Mentors

 * Chris A. Mattmann (mattmann at apache dot org)
 * Paul Ramirez (pramirez at apache dot org)
 * TODO: add more mentors 

Sponsoring Entity

 * Apache Incubator

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