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Subject svn commit: r1410647 - /incubator/public/trunk/content/podlings.xml
Date Sat, 17 Nov 2012 00:24:59 GMT
Author: jukka
Date: Sat Nov 17 00:24:58 2012
New Revision: 1410647

Cordova, Isis and OpenOffice graduated in October


Modified: incubator/public/trunk/content/podlings.xml
--- incubator/public/trunk/content/podlings.xml [utf-8] (original)
+++ incubator/public/trunk/content/podlings.xml [utf-8] Sat Nov 17 00:24:58 2012
@@ -237,10 +237,9 @@
             <mentor>Matthieu Riou</mentor>
-    <podling name="Cordova" status="current" resource="callback" sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2011-10-15">
+    <podling name="Cordova" status="graduated" resource="callback" sponsor="Incubator"
startdate="2011-10-15" enddate="2012-10-17">
         <description>Apache Cordova is a platform for building native mobile applications
using HTML, CSS and JavaScript (formerly Phonegap). The project entered incubation as Callback,
but decided to change its name to Cordova on 2011-11-28.</description>
-        <reporting group="3"/>
-        <graduating/>
+        <resolution tlp="true"/>
             <mentor>Jukka Zitting</mentor>
             <mentor>Gianugo Rabellino</mentor>
@@ -652,10 +651,9 @@
             <mentor>Kevan Miller</mentor>
-    <podling name="Isis" status="current" resource="isis" sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2010-09-07">
+    <podling name="Isis" status="graduated" resource="isis" sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2010-09-07"
         <description>The Isis project will be an extensible standards-based framework
to rapidly develop and enterprise level deploy domain-driven (DDD) applications.</description>
-        <reporting group="3"/>
-        <graduating/>
+        <resolution tlp="true"/>
             <mentor>Mark Struberg</mentor>
             <mentor>Benson Margulies</mentor>
@@ -772,7 +770,7 @@
-    <podling name="Kitty" status="current" resource="kitty" sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2010-10-03"
+    <podling name="Kitty" status="retired" resource="kitty" sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2010-10-03"
         <description>Kitty is a lightweight, production focused, Java-based application
server performance diagnostic and management utility.</description>
         <resolution>Retired due to inactivity.</resolution>
@@ -1052,10 +1050,9 @@
             <mentor>Isabel Drost</mentor>
-    <podling name="" status="current" resource="openofficeorg" resourceAliases="ooo"
sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2011-06-13">
+    <podling name="" status="graduated" resource="openofficeorg" resourceAliases="ooo"
sponsor="Incubator" startdate="2011-06-13" enddate="2012-10-17">
         <description> is comprised of six personal productivity applications:
a word processor (and its web-authoring component), spreadsheet, presentation graphics, drawing,
equation editor, and database.</description>
-        <reporting group="3"/>
-        <graduating/>
+        <resolution tlp="true"/>
             <mentor>Jim Jagielski</mentor>
             <mentor>Sam Ruby</mentor>

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