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Subject svn commit: r1391495 - /incubator/public/trunk/content/ip-clearance/devicemap-openddr.xml
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2012 15:02:42 GMT
Author: bdelacretaz
Date: Fri Sep 28 15:02:41 2012
New Revision: 1391495

Update according to DMAP-11


Modified: incubator/public/trunk/content/ip-clearance/devicemap-openddr.xml
--- incubator/public/trunk/content/ip-clearance/devicemap-openddr.xml [utf-8] (original)
+++ incubator/public/trunk/content/ip-clearance/devicemap-openddr.xml [utf-8] Fri Sep 28 15:02:41
@@ -64,9 +64,10 @@
-              <td>TODO</td>
+              <td>Sept 24, 2012</td>
               <td>Check and make sure that the files that have been donated
-                  have been updated to reflect the new ASF copyright.</td>
+                  have been updated to reflect the new ASF copyright: file headers
+                  will be updated after importing the code in the DeviceMap svn repository.</td>
@@ -84,14 +85,14 @@
-              <td>TODO (tracked in DMAP-11)</td>
+              <td>Sept 24, 2012 (DMAP-11)</td>
               <td>Check and make sure that for all items included with the
                   distribution that is not under the Apache license, we have
                   the right to combine with Apache-licensed code and
-              <td>TODO (tracked in DMAP-11)</td>
+              <td>Sept 24, 2012 (DMAP-11)</td>
               <td>Check and make sure that all items depended upon by the
                   project is covered by one or more of the following approved
                   licenses: Apache, BSD, Artistic, MIT/X, MIT/W3C, MPL 1.1, or
@@ -111,9 +112,10 @@
 Related VOTEs:
-          <li><em>TODO: The VOTE thread accepting the donation may happen either
-before or after IP clearance. Adoption by lazy concensus is acceptable but
-not recommended.</em></li>
+          <li><em>VOTE thread accepting the donation: donation is mentioned in
+            DeviceMap incubation proposal at,
+            need for an additional vote.
+           </em></li>

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