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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "AlluraProposal" by RichBowen
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2012 15:25:59 GMT
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The "AlluraProposal" page has been changed by RichBowen:

  However, we firmly believe that it’s exactly that diversification of the developer community
that will make the product more successful.
- = Orphaned products =
+ == Orphaned products ==
  As SourceForge’s entire business is based around this product, there’s no risk that
the project development will be abandoned, regardless of the outcome of this proposal or a
subsequent incubation. We’re in it for the long haul. Additionally, several other businesses
are based around older versions of this product, and have expressed interest in ongoing participation.
  Inexperience with Open Source
  The initial developers of this project have a long association with Open Source. SourceForge
itself has been a hub of Open Source development, so to speak, for more than ten years, and
many of the initial developers on this project have been involved with Open Source for as
long or longer.
- = Homogeneous Developers =
+ == Homogeneous Developers ==
  The initial set of active developers are, indeed, almost all from the same company. Although
there are some names on the initial committer list from outside the company, most of these
are former employees who are not very active any more.
  We are hoping to expand that group of developers, in order to have wider input from our
user community to improve the developer experience for those using Allura as a development
- = Reliance on Salaried Developers =
+ == Reliance on Salaried Developers ==
  At present, almost all development on Allura is done on salaried time from a single company.
It is understood that expanding the developer community to the point where this is not the
case, is a goal of incubation.
- = Relationships with Other Apache Products =
+ == Relationships with Other Apache Products ==
  It is hoped that some Apache projects might adopt Allura as their development infrastructure.
We don’t know how this might come about, but would love to see that outcome. Indeed, overcoming
objections to using Allura as a development infrastructure will no doubt lead to enormous
product improvements.
  With regard to direct connections to Apache projects, Allura itself uses Apache Solr for
search functionality, and the source control component supports Apache Subversion, in addition
to other revision control technologies.
- = An Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand =
+ == An Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand ==
  We are indeed Apache fans. We look to Apache as a model of good community governance methodologies,
and recommend these methodologies to projects hosted at SourceForge all the time. If this
constitutes an excessive fascination with Apache, then we’re guilty as charged.
@@ -135, +135 @@

  This is the initial committer list on the Allura project.
-                 Kyle Adams
+  *                 Kyle Adams
-    Tim Van Steenburgh
+  *    Tim Van Steenburgh
-                 Yaroslav Luzin
+  *                 Yaroslav Luzin
-                   Patrick Lenz
+  *                   Patrick Lenz
-                  Wayne Witzel III
+  *                  Wayne Witzel III
-                 Cory Johns
+  *                 Cory Johns
-           Dave Brondsema
+  *           Dave Brondsema
-                 Rick Copeland
+  *                 Rick Copeland
-                    Jenny Steele
+  *                    Jenny Steele
-               Sonny Scroggin
+  *               Sonny Scroggin
-             Roberto Galoppini
+  *             Roberto Galoppini
- Sponsors
  = Champions =
- Rich Bowen -
+  * Rich Bowen -
- Dave Brondsema -
+  * Dave Brondsema -
  = Nominated Mentors =
- Rich Bowen -
+  * Rich Bowen -
- Ross Gardler-
+  * Ross Gardler-
- Greg Stein -
+  * Greg Stein -
- Jim Jagielski -
+  * Jim Jagielski -
  = Sponsoring Entity =

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