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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "June2012" by BertrandDelacretaz
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2012 15:21:22 GMT
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The "June2012" page has been changed by BertrandDelacretaz:

Edit Flex report to take recent INFRA-4380 news into account

  need to be addressed? (Are there any stumbling blocks that impede the podling?)
    Besides the trademark issue mentioned previously, the import of existing
-   JIRA bugs is blocked by an issue with Apache JIRA's import utility. It has
+   JIRA bugs is blocked by an issue with Apache JIRA's import utility (INFRA-4380).
-   failed to import the data file supplied by Adobe. Infra has opened a support
-   ticket with Atlassian, but the problem remains unresolved four months later.
+   We just got news that this should now be resolved, the PPMC is testing
+   the results of the import before activating it.
  Check that the project's Incubation Status file up to date.
@@ -299, +299 @@

    Our mentors continue to be very helpful.
+   See June 2012 report for other concerns related to JIRA and svn imports,
+   but as mentioned above it looks like the JIRA import problems are fixed 
+   now.
-   We really need to get JIRA up and running.  I am hopeful that the
-   recent JIRA upgrade will make it possible to import the old Flex issues.
-   It has been suggested that we abandon the old issues and simply start
-   over, but I think there are a lot of deferred and open bugs that we
-   don't want to lose track of.  Knowing a larger set of related issues can
-   help guide folks in addressing issues.
-   I still would like Apache to consider a plan to have de-centralization of
-   server resources.  I understand that having more servers to maintain is
-   an extra cost to Infrastructure, but at the rate I see new projects being
-   proposed for incubation, it seems like a distributed model would scale
-   better.  Maybe new large projects like Flex need to come with a dowry of
-   a server and a donation to Apache.
-   I keep seeing issues arising from being so centralized.  The JIRA import is
-   just one issue.  I noted a discussion in general-incubator where a 
-   re-start of JIRA is on the order of several minutes.  Having more than one 
-   JIRA instance would allow Infra to pilot JIRA upgrades with only a subset
-   of Apache taking a risk.
-   Besides JIRA, it would allow SVN imports without having to take down all of
-   Apache.  We have seen the CI server run out of disk space.  That would be
-   less likely or impact less of Apache if there was more than one server.
  Signed off by mentor:
  Shepherd: Matt Franklin

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