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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "April2012" by MichaelStroucken
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2012 18:49:36 GMT
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The "April2012" page has been changed by MichaelStroucken:

add tashi report

- (project add text here)
+ 2012-April Tashi Incubator Status Report
+ Tashi has been incubating since September 2008.
+ The Tashi project aims to build a software infrastructure for cloud computing 
+ on massive internet-scale datasets (what we call Big Data). The idea is to 
+ build a cluster management system that enables the Big Data that are stored in 
+ a cluster/data center to be accessed, shared, manipulated, and computed on by 
+ remote users in a convenient, efficient, and safe manner.
+ Tashi originally encompassed just the tools to manage virtual machines 
+ using Xen and QEMU, but has been merged with Zoni, which manages the 
+ physical aspects of a cluster like power control, network settings and 
+ handing out physical machines.
+ In the period from January to April, the project had received permission
+ to publish a release. Shortly thereafter, a further release was
+ approved, incorporating several bug fixes detected during deployment
+ of the first release and from Jira reports.
+ In the process of making our first release, contact to two of our three
+ mentors was re-established. The third mentor has not been heard from
+ (also in other parts of Apache) for quite a while. We obtained sufficient
+ administrative access to Jira to manage our problem reports.
+ Development efforts this period have mainly been in adding resilience
+ to Tashi components, as well as returning more helpful messages in case
+ of errors. Some parts of the code base that were relevant only to Thrift
+ have been removed.
+ Upcoming software goals are to investigate what is needed to support IPv6,
+ considering replacement for RPyC and providing the ability to hand
+ out server slices (operating system level virtualization).
+ The project has a user community, but it is small. Growth mostly has
+ happened by word of mouth. To show potential users at large the
+ utility of this project, the author of this report will apply some of
+ the advice posted to, as well as create
+ web pages demonstrating the project's utility, provide sample VM images
+ and disseminate other information relating to the deployments close to him.
+ He will also urge others to make similar information publically available.
+ One of our users has requested the creation of a private branch for his
+ team to work on. Perhaps this will result in a valuable feature addition
+ to the project.
+ Items to be resolved before graduation:
+ 	* Generate more publicity for the project.
+ 	* Develop members of the user community to submit feature
+ 	  extensions.
  Signed off by mentor:

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