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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "April2012" by AlexHarui
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2012 17:03:04 GMT
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The "April2012" page has been changed by AlexHarui:

  Signed off by mentor: bodewig
+ Flex
+ Apache Flex is an application framework for easily building Flash-based
+ applications for mobile devices, the browser and desktop.
+ Summary: A highly energetic community waits for Adobe to complete the
+ source code transition and infrastructure.
+ Date of entry to the Incubator:  December 31, 2011
+ Top three items to resolve before graduation:
+   1. Resolve trademark donation or licensing
+   2. Complete code and bug database donation
+   3. Make at least one release
+ Is there anything that the Incubator PMC or ASF Board specifically needs
+ to address?
+   The ASF legal team may have to agree to a custom Trademark licensing.
+   Adobe is currently evaluating the parameters of a custom Trademark license
+   proposed by an ASF Board member.  If approved, a custom agreement will be
+   drafted and signed by both parties.  Apache is waiting on Adobe to approve
+   the latest Apache proposal.
+ Are there any legal, infrastructure, cross-project or personal issues that
+ need to be addressed? (Are there any stumbling blocks that impede the podling?)
+   Besides the trademark issue mentioned previously, the import of existing
+   JIRA bugs is blocked by an issue with Apache JIRA's import utility. It has
+   failed to import the data file supplied by Adobe. Infra has opened a support
+   ticket with Atlassian, but the problem remains unresolved one month later.
+ Check that the project's Incubation Status file up to date.
+ What has been done (releases, milestones, etc.) since the last report?
+   - The Flex compiler source code, including history,
+     was donated to Apache.  It is pending import into
+     the SVN respository
+   - Other initial committers have donated code to the whiteboard.
+   - Martin Heidegger was accepted as committer to the podling.
+ What are the plans and expectations for the next period?
+   Adobe expects to complete the transfer the mustella test suite.
+   We hope to make progress on an initial release.
+ Are there any recommendations for how incubation could run more smoothly
+ for you?
+   Our mentors are great. However,  Apache internals are starting to 
+   become an problem.  We submitted the software grant and code on Friday
+   PM, but the secretary was unable to record the software grant before
+   the weekend.  That meant that Infra couldn't import the code since they
+   can only do that on weekends, and that delayed the project by a whole
+   week.  Having distributed separate SVN repositories would make weeknight
+   imports possible and maybe not tax a single database as much.  Large
+   projects like Flex have tons of files.
+   The same holds true for the bug database as well.  We have been waiting
+   for the bug database since Feb 1.  A gating concern is that our import
+   of 30000 bugs might take down the main JIRA instance.  Having distributed
+   JIRA instances would scale better.
+ Signed off by mentor:
+ --------------------
  Giraph is a large-scale, fault-tolerant, Bulk Synchronous Parallel

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