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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "OpenmeetingsProposal" by SebastianWagner
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2011 11:06:52 GMT
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The "OpenmeetingsProposal" page has been changed by SebastianWagner:

add section for clustering and audio bridge options

  All other communication for audio/video, messages (chat or whiteboard for example) RPC and
document up/download can be run using SSL as well as SOAP and REST API function can be accessed
using SSL.
+ === Scaling and Clustering ===
+ There is currently no build in mechanism in OpenMeetings for Load-Balancing between multiple
meeting servers. You can however already simply use multiple Openmeetings instances by integrating
with the SOAP / REST API and build some kind of "Software Load-Balancing".
+ You can of course also run OpenMeetings on instances managed by XEN or an instance from
Amazon EC2.
+ For the future we would like to have a native clustering solution that enables to cluster
Openmeetings without 3th party custom code or clustering on a hardware level. Red5 Server
provides an "Edge-Orion-Clustering" (
We hope to extend this clustering solution with support for rtmpt and rtmps and integrate
that into our application as native clustering option.
+ === Integration with SIP and VoIP ===
+ There are currently two fundamental different ways of integrating SIP/VoIP: You either use
a Java Applet additionally as soft phone that does the audio-streaming part (option1) or you
grab the audio-stream on the Red5 server and build a server-to-server bridge from Red5 to
the SIP server (option2). The first option offers the advantage of having the possibility
to have client-to-client communication, in case both users use the Java-Applet to communicate.
Option two will require to proxy all data through the server first and do some transcoding
on the server.
+ Openmeetings itself provides some simple hooks to connect to a remote gateway to set up
SIP users and conference calls. From our point such the nature of such telecommunication projects
is that every project requires a customization based on the infrastructure of the Service
Provider.  We plan to enable such projects by providing mutliple options and APIs for integration.
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