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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "OpenmeetingsProposal" by SebastianWagner
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2011 09:19:19 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "OpenmeetingsProposal" page has been changed by SebastianWagner:

updated Red5 licensing issue, fix external links add finetune required ressources, and background

  == Background ==
  Openmeetings was developed since 2007 by Sebastian Wagner and willing developers. The project
ships a release approximately once per quarter. It was developed using LGPL license, and developers
are currently thinking of re-licensing it under Apache License 2.0.
+ The project started as module by Sebastian Wagner for an ELearning platform (Dokeos) and
was then split into a separated project. That is the reason why there is a strong relation
to educational institutions that are using OpenMeetings and there are integrations for platforms
like Moodle, ATutor, Sakai, STudIP or ILias available (
The relation to educational institutions also subsequently lead to some projects funded by
the EU where OpenMeetings was involved, for example by the Swedish/Finish Centre of Open-Source
OpenKarken (Case-Study about the EU project at
+ The integration and internationalization of the project was a primary focus right from the
start of the project. Since Version 0.5 there is a Language-Editor (
to edit labels, export and import them as XML and you can use those XML files for future installations
(or contribute it to the community). There are currently around 30 languages available.  Since
version 0.5.1 there is also a SOAP API to integrate OpenMeetings. We constantly improve this
SOAP/REST API ( with new functionality
with a strong focus on Security and usability. The auth-mechnism is quite similar to OAuth,
you create some token and then assign rights to the token. (Documentation for Single Sign
+ The project name "OpenMeetings" and logos are inspired by Ludovic Gasc who has been the
project manager at Dokeos and the time Sebastian split OpenMeetings as separated project.
  === Rationale ===
  Last year most major vendors started commercial web conferencing solutions. This is an important
part of software ecosystem, and there is an urge to consolidate open source development efforts
in this direction.
@@ -30, +38 @@

   * Apply modular architecture/SOA for better integration with other projects.
  == Current Status ==
- Discussing move into Apache.
+ We have agreed on applying for the Apache Foundation and preparing our proposal for the
+ Technical status of the project is: Current stable tree is 1.8.x, Trunk is 1.9. Maxim is
currently working on integrating the JUnit tests into the nightly build server (
and we plan to upgrade the build server to Jenkins. Sebastian is working on refactoring the
calendar module to improve the support for international timezones and working on the "moderated-mute-functionality"
for conference rooms. Besides that Sebastian is finishing the guide for running OpenMeetings
completely over SSL (using HTTPS and RTMPS
). Johnny is working on the Debian packaging. Eugen maintains the plugins for SugarCRM and
Sascha improves the shell scripts and integration with 3th party tools on various linux based
  === Meritocracy ===
  Developers community is successfully driven by consensus now. If there are more developers
on board, consensus may turn into meritocracy.
@@ -50, +60 @@

  === Orphaned Projects ===
  Openmeetings project has developed a sufficient functionality to be a popular solution for
a small businesses. The number of site visits of the googlecode project website increased
to 50.000 in October 2011 which is a good sign of people interest. We believe that visitors
convert to users, and users convert to developers in a some standard rate.
- Website statistic of openmeetings googlecode website:
+ The overall statistics oer the last 4 years have around 4 mio pageview according to the
google-analytics graphic:
- {{}}
  === Inexperience With Open Source ===
  Two committers have GSoC experience. One committer is an Apache committer. The project exists
since 07/2008 already as an open source project hosted at GoogleCode
@@ -61, +71 @@

  Telecom Express pays to Rodion for working on Openmeetings. Other contributors from that
company work for the project in their spare time.
  === Relationships with Other Apache Products ===
- Web application part of Openmeetings runs under Apache Tomcat. It uses Commons and Velocity.
Red5 server uses a lot of Apache components, including Apache Mina. OpenMeetings itself uses
Apache Axis2 for the SOAP / REST API.
+ Web application part of Openmeetings runs under Apache Tomcat. It uses Apache Commons and
Apache Velocity. Red5 server uses a lot of Apache components, including Apache Mina. OpenMeetings
itself uses Apache Axis2 for the SOAP / REST API.
- OpenMeetings is reworked to use openJPA instead of Hibernate since around revision 4000
all dependencies to Hibernate have been removed from the source.
+ OpenMeetings is reworked to use Apache OpenJPA instead of Hibernate. Since revision 4000
all dependencies to Hibernate have been removed from the source.
  == Initial Source ==
@@ -75, +85 @@

  OpenLaszlo's concept is that you write the code in a XML based approach, it is possible
to compile the output to Flash or DHTML/HTML5. So on the long run it might be possible to
replace the Flash UI with a DHTML one. But as there is little multimedia support in HTML5
especially for Webcam and Microphone access it is not possible yet to prevent using Flash
in general. The needed Real-Time Communication could be done using Ajax and HTTP-Push mechanisms
like Comet instead of AMF which is currently used.
- For Flash Streaming Red5 is used ( ). Red5 is a LGPL licensed
Software based on Apache Tomcat / Apache MINA and Spring.
+ For Flash Streaming Red5 is used ( ). Red5 is currently a
LGPL licensed Software based on Apache Tomcat / Apache MINA and Spring.
- Red5 has some API that we implement that are needed at compile time. Those compile time
dependencies could be replaced by Mock-Objects. However for running the software at this point,
you need the Red5 server.
+ Red5 will change to APL very soon, they already internally discussed that some time ago
and voted on it:
  Dependcies to Red5 API as graphs:
  '''Java Web-Start application (Screen-Sharing and Recording)'''
- {{}}
  '''Java Web-Application'''
- {{||height="1582px",width="947px"}}
  There is an alternative implemenation that we've done using an Java Applet that uses SIP
acting like a softphone and that does not need Red5 for Streaming. This implementation is
not in production yet and you need additionally a SIP Server that does the necessary conference
calls. But we have done conference calls in cooperation with a Finish VoIP Provider.
@@ -99, +111 @@

  Issue Tracking: JIRA (OPENMEETINGS)
+ We already have two mailing lists with over 1000 people that we would like to keep. Creating
new ones would lead to a situation where we would have serveral places to look at.
+ Users: [[javascript:void(0);/*1320310133729*/|]]
+ Developers and Commits:
+ Wiki: Confluence or similar software where we can integrate our current wiki and documentation
+ Other Resources:
- Other Resources: Continuous integration may eventually require hardware
+ Continuous integration and Nightly Builds may eventually require hardware
+ We are currently hosted on googlecode. There was an option in googlecode available to transfer
a googlecode project to Apache. We would like to ask the hosting staff at Googlecode if they
could maybe give us advice how we can easily get a copy of our project to import it into the
new project space at Apache.
  == Initial Committers ==
   * Sebastian Wagner <seba.wagner at gmail dot com>

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