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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "October2011" by robweir
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2011 00:23:01 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "October2011" page has been changed by robweir:

  Your project might need to report even if it is not listed below, please check your own
reporting schedule or exceptions.
  Please remember to include:
   * The "incubating since" info.
   * The project's top 2 or 3 things to resolve prior to graduation.
   * A short description of what your project's software does.
@@ -296, +297 @@

- Is an open source multi-platform office suite. 
  * entered incubation 2011-06-13.
+ is an open-source, office-document productivity suite providing six productivity
applications based around the OpenDocument Format (ODF). is released on multiple
platforms.  Its localizations support 110 languages worldwide.
  * Most Important To Address:
- Discussions for legacy infrastructure including wiki, forum, issue tracker and other options
for applications running on the Apache infrastructure.
- build schools to target non-license compliant dependencies and test under
the new infrastructure.
+ 1) Migration of the remaining legacy website's content and services to Apache
infrastructure, including wiki, forums, mailing lists, and cross-service registration using
customized software not already supported by Apache projects and infrastructure.  Successful
negotiation of governance migration of user-supported services brought under incubation. 
Resolution of copyright, license and notice for content miugrated from legacy
+ 2) Completion of the IP-review portions of the incubation checklist, which will require
getting an amended SGA from Oracle to cover additional source files; scrubbing of incompatible
notices from SGA-licensed code and resolving provenance of other existing materials being
migrated.  There are serveral modules that have non-compliant dependencies which will need
to be resolved.
+ 3) A Successful Podling Release
  * Issues for IPMC or ASF Board Awareness
- New membership awareness, discussion on how to make members aware of their candidacy for
+ None
  * Community Development Progress
- New mailing lists for specific languages, including de, fr, and jp
+ As of 2011-09-12 there are 75 committers, with XX on the PPMC, up from 72 and 55 at last
+ To serve our Japanese contributor base we've added an ooo-general-ja list.
+ Active discussions with an autonomous group that runs a support bulletin board for OpenOffice
on the possibility of that community joining the AOOo project.
+ New membership awareness, discussion on how to make members aware of their candidacy for
  * Project Development Progress
- Freeze of some of the infrastructure after experiencing server downtime in for some infrastructure
including forums, wiki, and issue tracker. OpenGrok and others are targeted as future freezes.
+ Dev focus has been on IP review and replacement of copyleft dependencies.
  Detailed planning continues on public wiki:
@@ -360, +375 @@

  (project add text here)
  Signed off by mentor:

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