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Subject svn commit: r1175335 - /incubator/public/trunk/site-author/incubation/Process_Description.xml
Date Sun, 25 Sep 2011 08:59:01 GMT
Author: grobmeier
Date: Sun Sep 25 08:59:01 2011
New Revision: 1175335

minor cleanups, tag endings on same line etc


Modified: incubator/public/trunk/site-author/incubation/Process_Description.xml
--- incubator/public/trunk/site-author/incubation/Process_Description.xml [utf-8] (original)
+++ incubator/public/trunk/site-author/incubation/Process_Description.xml [utf-8] Sun Sep
25 08:59:01 2011
@@ -13,15 +13,8 @@ See the License for the specific languag
 limitations under the License.
-  <properties><!--
-    <meta content="HTML Tidy, see" name="generator"/>-->
-    <meta content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" http-equiv="Content-Type"/>-->
-    <title>Process Description
+  <properties>
+    <title>Process Description</title>
     <atom url="">
     <link href="" rel="schema.DC"/>
@@ -39,8 +32,7 @@ limitations under the License.
     <section id="The+Process+of+Incubation">
-      <title>The Process of Incubation
+      <title>The Process of Incubation</title>
       <p>The incubation process covers the establishment of a candidate,
 acceptance (or rejection) of a candidate leading to the potential
 establishment of a Podling and associated incubation process, which
@@ -52,12 +44,10 @@ Project.
         <img alt="incubation-process.png" src="incubation-process.png"/>
       <section id="Establishment">
-        <title>Establishment
+        <title>Establishment</title>
         <p>The first thing you will want to do is find a
-          <strong>Champion
-</strong> for your project. One way to do this is to explore the existing
+          <strong>Champion</strong> for your project. One way to do this is to
explore the existing
           <a href="">Apache projects
 </a> to find similar projects. Spend some time reading their project web
@@ -88,21 +78,17 @@ established.
 project description (consistent with the candidate description
 detailed below) endorsed by a
-          <strong>Champion
+          <strong>Champion</strong>.
-          <strong>Candidate
-</strong> project description should be submitted to the relevant mailing
+          <strong>Candidate</strong> project description should be submitted
to the relevant mailing
 list(s) of a
-          <strong>Sponsor
-</strong> (see the
+          <strong>Sponsor</strong> (see the
-          <a href="/guides/lists.html">Mailing Lists
-</a> guide). See the
+          <a href="/guides/lists.html">Mailing Lists</a> guide). See the
           <a href="">Jakarta Guidelines
for New Projects
 </a> for a list of issues that should be addressed in your proposal; also
@@ -110,8 +96,7 @@ see
           <a href="">Incubator Proposal Pages</a>
           for other examples. Typically a
-          <strong>Candidate
-</strong> is submitted under a message tagged with [PROPOSAL]. Such a message
+          <strong>Candidate</strong> is submitted under a message tagged with
[PROPOSAL]. Such a message
 will normally trigger some discussions on the receiving mailing
 list(s). Your Champion will be involved in these discussions acting
 as your advocate.
@@ -125,8 +110,8 @@ addressed, you may want to specifically 
 Candidate by the Sponsor by posting a request to the decision making
 list (usually - see
-          <a href="/guides/lists.html">Mailing Lists
-</a> guide for more details). Sometimes a vote will be announced without
+          <a href="/guides/lists.html">Mailing Lists</a> guide for more details).

+Sometimes a vote will be announced without
 you asking for it (perhaps you have done some homework and have a PMC
 member assisting you though the process), other times you may need to
 cut through discussions and push your request forward for a decision.
@@ -134,8 +119,7 @@ cut through discussions and push your re
       <section id="Acceptance">
-        <title>Acceptance
+        <title>Acceptance</title>
         <p>The decision to accept a project is taken on a vote by the Sponsor.
 The format of this vote will depend on the rules of the entity in
 question. Here again it helps if you have a PMC Member (or board
@@ -147,12 +131,10 @@ typically take about 7-10 days before an
         <p>If that vote is affirmative, the Sponsor (unless the Sponsor is
           already the Incubator PMC) will propose to the
-          <strong>Incubator PMC
-</strong>(referencing the voting result e-mail) that your candidate project be
+          <strong>Incubator PMC</strong>(referencing the voting result e-mail)
that your candidate project be
 accepted by the Incubator as a
-          <strong>Podling
-</strong>. The Sponsor will assign
+          <strong>Podling</strong>. The Sponsor will assign
 The Mentors may include your original Champion. If not, it
@@ -189,8 +171,7 @@ practices.
       <section id="Review">
-        <title>Review
+        <title>Review</title>
         <p>As your project sorts things out and things stabilize
 (infrastructure, communications, decision making) you will inevitably
 come under an assessment by the Incubator PMC concerning the exit of
@@ -209,12 +190,9 @@ Incubator PMC to recommend the best acti
 Sponsor) of one of the following:
-          <li>termination;
-          <li>continuation under incubation with recommendations; or
-          <li>graduation into Apache.
+          <li>termination;</li>
+          <li>continuation under incubation with recommendations; or</li>
+          <li>graduation into Apache.</li>
         <p>Note that whilst this is a recommendation, it carries a lot of
 weight. A Sponsor will only over-ride the recommendation of the
@@ -224,8 +202,7 @@ their consideration.
       <section id="Termination">
-        <title>Termination
+        <title>Termination</title>
         <p>If you receive a recommendation for termination then you have a
 problem. Chances are that there are either legal or structural
 problems with your project that in the opinion of the Incubator PMC
@@ -238,8 +215,7 @@ such, an appeal is unlikely to be succes
       <section id="Continuation">
-        <title>Continuation
+        <title>Continuation</title>
         <p>A recommendation by the Incubator PMC for continuation of incubation
 shall include development recommendations. The Incubator PMC has a
 responsibility to ensure that the recommended actions are tangible
@@ -258,8 +234,7 @@ arise.
       <section id="Graduation">
-        <title>Graduation
+        <title>Graduation</title>
         <p>For Podlings that aim to establish sub-projects or products within
 existing communities you are almost home-free. The main issues you
 need to deal with now is migration of your code into the target

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