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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Trivial Update of "Any23Proposal" by DavidePalmisano
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2011 13:54:53 GMT
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The "Any23Proposal" page has been changed by DavidePalmisano:

  as main component of the RDF extraction pipeline used in [[|Sindice (the
Semantic Web Index)]],
  now is evolved in joint effort with [[|FBK (Fondazione Bruno Kessler)]].
At present time the Any23
  official [[|developers page]] contains all the documentation,
while the code is maintained
- on [[|Google Code]].
+ on [[|Google Code]]. An official up-to-date showcase [[|demo]]
is also available.
  == Rationale ==
  Provide and maintain a robust, standard and updated library for extracting and validating
@@ -38, +38 @@

  [[|]] leverages on the [[|HTML5 Microdata]]
  specification. [[|OpenGraphProtocol]] is the open standard sponsored by 
  [[|Facebook Inc]] to include metadata
- HTML page headers. [[|OpenGraphProtocol], initially based on [[|RDFa]]
allows to
+ HTML page headers. [[|OpenGraphProtocol]], initially based on [[|RDFa]]
allows to
  describe the content of a Web page and its underlying vocabulary could be directly represented
using RDF.
  = Current Status =
  == Meritocracy ==
- The historical Any23 team believes in meritocracy and acts as a community, 
+ The historical Any23 team believes in meritocracy and always acted as a community.
- we are confident that the adoption in a larger one is the natural evolution
- for the project.
+ Mailing list, opened issue tracker and other communication channels have always been
+ adopted since its first release. The adoption in a larger community, such as Apache, 
+ is the natural evolution for Any23. Moreover, the Apache standards will enforce the
+ existing Any23 community practices and will be a foundation for future committers
+ involvement.
  == Core Developers ==
  In alphabetical order:
+  * Richard Cyganiak <richard at cyganiak dot de>
   * Davide Palmisano <dpalmisano at gmail dot com>
   * Giovanni Tummarello <giovanni dot tummarello at deri dot org>
   * Michele Mostarda <michele dot mostarda at gmail dot com>

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