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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "Lucene.Net Proposal" by TroyHoward
Date Fri, 31 Dec 2010 00:03:12 GMT
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The "Lucene.Net Proposal" page has been changed by TroyHoward.
The comment on this change is: Did basic drafts for all sections. Sections related to committers
needs finishing as I've only mention two individuals so far..


  == Current Status ==
  === Meritocracy ===
+ We understand meritocracy and will fully embrace this concept in our project management
methodology. Two of the proposed initial committers, Troy Howard and Chris Currens, are both
already actively involved in other open source projects, both as committers of code and in
coordination roles. They are familiar with the challenges faced with starting and maintaining
a project over time. We also understand that opportunity is essential to an effective meritocracy
and so will remain transparent, open and actively engage the community to find new contributors,
include and review thier contributions, and bring them on as committers as appropriate. 
  === Community ===
+ There is already a well established, active and vibrant community surrounding the Lucene.Net
project. This is primarily a users community, as the previous committers have not engaged
the user community to find or leverage would-be contributors. There is a a lot of talent available
in the community to this end. 
+ There are a number of well established and significant .NET open source projects which are
widely used by the larger .NET community which depend on Lucene.Net. There are also countless
commercial products which use and are dependent on this project. The mailing lists are active
with numerous community members both asking and answering technical questions. The status
and activities of the project are watched closely by the larger .NET development community
and regularly commented on in blogs and other discussion forums.
+ Because of the size of the community and the fact that it's audience is largely developers,
finding new committers over time should remain an easy task. The user base is also constantly
growing, because Lucene.Net is one of the very few high quality products in this space (either
commercial or open source). Index and Search is an essential part of many web-based applications
which are developed on the .NET framework, and Lucene.Net is widely used to support that scenario.
This will only grow with time.
  === Core Developers ===
+ The core developers are a diverse group of developers many of which are already very experienced
open source developers. 
+  * Troy Howard is an experienced developer and software development project manager in the
commercial world. He has founded and been a committer on numerous open source projects over
the years, including most recently, a fork of Lucene.Net which he hopes to integrate back
into the main project.
+  * Chris Currens is a passionate developer who works with Troy at his day job and has worked
together with Troy one two previous open source projects. Together they make a solid and productive
+  * TODO 
  === Alignment ===
+ Lucene.Net has been an ASF project since 2006 and has benefitted greatly from that affiliation.
We appreciate the careful oversight and structure that Apache provides whcih ensures that
the project stays on track and productive. We also appreciate being associated with the Lucene
TLP and the sharing that provides.
+ Beyond that a very practical concern is that we would like to continue developing Lucene.Net
with its current name. The project has build a hard earned reputation and leaving the ASF
would mean a forced rebranding and losing that reputation in the process. This would not be
good for the health of the project.
  == Known Risks ==
  === Orphaned products ===
+ The purpose of this proposal is to recover from the fact that Lucene.Net has been orphaned
by it's current list of committers. There are numerous reasons why that happened, such as;
Project vision not aligned with community needs, Committers not taking advantage of contributors
in the community, Committers not being upfront about thier ability or interest in maintaining
the project, No effort to incorporate new committers from the community or engage non-committers
in the development process. 
+ Because we will be coming from the perspective of recovering from orphaning, we will be
strongly focused on building a community, team of committers, and process to ensure our long
term stability. We will learn from the past and not repeat the mistakes of our predecessors.
+ Beyond that, there is significant commercial interest in this project which we believe can
be converted to direct support in terms of on-the-clock work by developers working for companies
that have software products which rely on Lucene.Net. The intial committers list includes
two such developers and we hope to attract more of them. Because we understand that commercial
support of this nature can be fickle, we will also work to diversy the team and include committers
who are personally motivated. 
+ We also hope to incorporate the three existing forks of Lucene.Net back into this project.
Doing so would bring a large body of reliable committers into the fold of this project (Lucere
has more than 10 active committers, Lucille and Aimee.Net are one-man projects, both of which
are very committed individuals).
  === Inexperience with Open Source ===
+ The core developers all have significant experience with open source development.  We recognize
that we lack PMC experience and seek to address that deficiency by using the Incubator environment
to educate ourselves and prepare for responsible self-governance.
  === Homogenous Developers ===
+ Our community is geographically dispersed, with members in many areas of the USA, Canada,
Russia, UK, and other countries.  We all work for different organizations.
  === Reliance on Salaried Developers ===
+ We incorporate both salaried and non-salaried developers, from multiple organizations. We
feel this gives us the best of both worlds and will increase our viability as a long-term
  === Relationships with Other Apache Products ===
+ Lucene.Net's relationship with the Lucene TLP has been relatively uni-drectional until now.
Lucene.Net has simply been porting the code that Lucene write in Java to C# using automated
methods. We hope to change that and feed-back more into the Java Lucene community both on
the conceptual level and in terms of API changes that we make. We have an interest in possibly
integrating the work of the Lucy project into Lucene.Net at some point as well. There is also
a strong interest in creating .NET ports of ASF's Solr, Tika, Hadoop, and others. While that
would fall outside of the scope of this project, there may be overlap in terms of the committers
between those projects and sharing of code and methodologies pioneers in the Lucene.Net project.
  === An Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand ===
+ Our desire to maintain Lucene.Net's affiliation with Apache has less to do with the brand
and more to do with our conviction that developing the project The Apache Way under Apache
institutions is in Lucene.Net's best interests.  However, we have to acknowledge that during
its time as a Lucene subproject, Lucene.Net has not always fulfilled certain key requirements
for an Apache project.  In particular, it has failed to "release early, release often", despite
making significant progress in expanding its user community.
+ By rebooting the project with a new list of motivated and engaged committers, we expect
to avoid the trap that ensnared Lucene.Net's first incarnation: we will release early, release
often, accumulate users, nurture contributors, and grow our community.
+ == Documentation ==
+  * Current Lucene.Net website:
+  * Current Lucene.Net Subversion repository:
+  * Current Lucene.Net mailing lists: (See info under
"Mailing Lists" heading)
  == Initial Source ==
+ We will continue working with the existing Lucene.Net codebase located at:
+ We will also attempt to contact the coordinators of the following Lucene.Net forks and incorporate
thier work into the Lucene.Net project:
+  * Lucere -
+  * Lucille -
+  * Aimee.Net -
  == Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan ==
+ All source code referred to in this project (existing codebase and that of forks) is already
licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. There should be no conflicts in this regard. 
  == External Dependencies ==
+ The only external dependencies represented in any of the proposed code are on unit testing
and mocking frameworks, all of which have ASF compatible licenses. 
  == Required Resources ==
  === Mailing lists ===
+  * lucene-net-dev
+  * lucene-net-commits
+  * lucene-net-users
+ Lucene.Net already has lucene-net-dev, lucene-net-users, and lucene-net-commits mailing
lists under  While these could be deactivated and the memberships migrated
to the appropriate lists under, leaving the archives
as read-only, we would prefer to keep the mailing lists the same, rather than moving to
The purpose of that would be to remain engaged with our community, with minimal disruption.
  === Subversion Directory ===
  Lucene.Net already has a Subversion directory at
In keeping with naming conventions, it could be moved to
@@ -86, +121 @@

  Lucene.Net already has a MoinMoin wiki at
 It can be moved to standard Incubator wiki placement as there is currently no content of
value in the wiki.
  == Initial Committers ==
- ||'''Name''' ||'''Email''' ||'''Affiliation''' ||'''CLA''' ||
+ ||'''Name''' ||'''Email''' ||'''CLA''' ||
+ ||Troy Howard||thoward37 AT gmail DOT com||No||
+ ||Chris Currens||currens.chris AT gmail DOT com||No||
+ == Affiliations ==
+  * Troy Howard and Chris Currens both work for discover-e Legal, LLC and will work on Lucene.Net
as part of thier paid work. discover-e Legal uses the current Lucene.Net build in thier products
and so, has a vested interest in seeing the project continue. Beyond that, the reason Lucene.Net
was choosen by Troy initially for the discover-e Legal products is due to his strong interest
in the project. This interest was well established before working for discover-e Legal, and
is independent of it's needs. The same is true for Chris Currens. So, even though there is
commercial support for their work on this project it is not the primary reason or motivator
for thier interest. 
  == Sponsors ==
  === Champion ===
+  * Grant Ingersoll (gsingers AT apache DOT org)
  === Nominated Mentors ===
+  * Grant Ingersoll (gsingers AT apache DOT org)
  === Sponsoring Entity ===
  '''Lucene.Net is currently sponsored by Lucene as a sub-project. This proposal advocates
changing Lucene.Net's relationship with Apache from existing as a Lucene sub-project, to existing
under the sponsorship of the Incubator. '''

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