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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Incubator Wiki] Update of "Nuvem" by lresende
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2010 16:55:27 GMT
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The "Nuvem" page has been changed by lresende.


New page:
= Apache Nuvem, a cross-cloud application programming interface =

== Abstract ==

Nuvem will define an open application programming interface for common cloud application services,
allowing applications to be easily ported across the most popular cloud platforms.

== Proposal ==

   * Define an open API that abstracts common cloud platform services to help decouple the
application logic from the particulars of a specific proprietary cloud.
   * Implement the Nuvem API for popular clouds such as Google AppEngine, Amazon EC2 and Microsoft
   * Initially focus on User Authentication and Authorization, Distributed Cache, Data Store,
Queuing; then extend to other services such as Chat, Logging, and Debugging.

== Background ==

An important issue for application developers is to avoid lock-in to a specific cloud application
platform. By providing a cross-cloud application programming interface that abstracts common
cloud platform services, Nuvem addresses this concern and strives to help make applications
easily portable across multiple clouds.

In mixed cloud deployment, applications need to access platform services across cloud boundaries.
Nuvem will make this possible by providing a remote API for these cloud application platform

== Rationale ==

There are currently no efforts to define a truly open-source API to abstract common cloud
platform services. Nuvem strives to create a community around building an open-source cloud
application programming interface in a manner that fully allows for tried-and-true open source
mechanisms such as user-driven innovation.

== Initial Goals ==

A Nuvem prototype is currently being developed in an Apache Tuscany sandbox, providing initial
support for some cloud platform services from Google AppEngine and Amazon EC2. We look at
moving this prototype to the Apache Incubator as the next step to broaden the community, expand
the API to support more services and cloud platforms.

== Current Status ==

The initial code has been developed under the Apache Software License 2.0 by current Apache

== Meritocracy ==

We recognize the desirability of running the project as a meritocracy. We are eager to engage
other members of the community and operate to the standard of meritocracy that Apache emphasizes;
we believe this is the most effective method of growing our community and enabling widespread

== Community ==

The initial committer list consists of a couple of independent developers. We expect that
the project will greatly increase in contribution base, and this is one aspect the project
will monitor in becoming ready for graduation.

== Alignment ==

Currently, there are no other Apache projects concerned with building a cross-cloud API for
application platform services. We feel that it would be a good complement to the set of Apache
projects and could provide them with an API for interacting with cloud application platforms.

Nuvem complements Apache libCloud and Deltacloud projects (which both cover provisioning and
elasticity in the cloud), providing portability of applications and application services 
 across heterogeneous cloud environments.

== Known Risks ==

== Orphaned Products ==

The Nuvem developers have a long-term interest in use and maintenance of the code and there
is also hope that different cloud providers will be interested in providing support for the
Nuvem API and will join the project. We feel that it is important to put formal governance
in place both for the project and the contributors as the project expands. We feel the ASF
is the best location for this.

== Inexperience with Open Source ==

Luciano Resende have been involved with Open Source Software for several years; I have actively
contributed to Apache Tuscany, Apache PhotArk and contributed to and/or mentored other Apache
podlings. I am also part of the Apache Community Development PMC and Admin/co-Admin for the
Google Summer of Code mentoring project. Raymond Fend, is also a long time committer and PMC
member of Apache Tuscany and/or other Apache projects.

== Reliance on Salaried Developers ==

The project is being implemented by developers in their independent personal time and is not
founded by a specific corporation.

== Relationships with Other Apache Products ==

Apache Tuscany is currently used to wire different implementations of application platform
services to applications and expose these services remotely.

For clouds that does not provide a specific application service on their platform, we would
work with Apache sibling projects such as Hadoop, CouchDB and Cassandra for data store, or
ActiveMQ and Qpid for queueing for example, to close the gap.

== An Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand ==

We seek to build a lasting community around the Nuvem API. The most important reason for proposing
this project for incubation is to gain visibility, and to allow contributors to more easily
join and contribute to the project.

== Documentation ==

There isn't much of a documentation available.

== Initial Source ==

The Apache Nuvem prototype has been developed in the Apache SVN repository and is available

== External Dependencies ==

Nuvem is written in Java and is currently using Apache Tuscany.

== Cryptography ==

== Required Resources ==

   * Mailing lists
      * nuvem-dev
      * nuvem-commits
      * nuvem-private
   * Subversion

   * Issue Tracking
      * JIRA (nuvem)

== Initial Committers ==

Luciano Resende (lresende AT apache DOT org

Raymond Feng (rfeng AT apache DOT org)

== Sponsors ==

== Champion ==

== Nominated Mentors ==

== Sponsoring Entity ==
Incubator PMC

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